John Hammond: A Blues Legend, Live at Blackbird

Once in a while, I create events and give it The Spoiled Mummy touch. Yes, on top of everything, I am an event organizer too. It’s one of my passions, but due to my limited time, it’s an endeavor I engage in on a case-to-case basis.

One such event happened recently, a very special dinner in honor of renowned musician, Grammy winner, and Blues Hall of Famer, John Hammond. In over 50 years of his career, John Hammond has made his mark as a virtuoso using only guitar, harmonica, and his voice. The New York Times refers to him as “a blues legend…with a demeanor that belies his tear-it-up might before an audience”. And for one night, he was sharing his magic at an exclusive event in Manila.


I came on board as event coordinator here, which meant tackling conceptualization to execution.

The Spoiled Mummy Luxe Events is all about the luxe treatment, and this is no exception. Let me give you a peek into that night.

First, the setting. The Blackbird in Nielson Tower was transformed into a intimate concert venue. My vision for the event was to make it as cozy and intimate as possible, to bring this legendary artist closer to the audience.


The guests were in for a treat.. see how close they were to be to the stage.


Black and white table top, and succulents for a pop of green, and a thick blue bow to tie it all in together.


Every detail was considered. The tables were named after legendary musicians whom John Hammond have worked with during his career.


But before all that came together, my work was laid out for me. I put a team together to make this all happen and manage all the details: tackling the invitations for the VIP guest list, styling the event (flowers, lights, production design by Jo Claravall), venue coordination, and the day’s logistics, including stage setup and sound check.

Here is John Hammond at soundcheck :


Doors were opened at 6pm to the VIP guests.


The event, thankfully, went smoothly as planned. It was a beautiful night of topnotch music, good food and great company.

The cocktails before the event started :






I was part of the “welcoming committee” too.

And then, the guests were seated for dinner.

Dinner was prepared by Colin McKay of Blackbird which the guests seemed to have enjoyed.


This amazing opportunity to meet and listen to a legend is through the efforts of Mr. Tim Dattels, who brought his good friend John Hammond here.


Mr. Tim Dattels, introduced John Hammond. It was the artist’s first time to perform in Manila.

Like many of the guests, it was also my first time to listen to John Hammond live and I was immediately blown away by his passion and virtuosity! He was awe-inspiring.



He was so passionate with his music. Everyone was impressed at how he gave it his all. It is now obvious why he has been regarded as one of the greats in jazz music.

This performance is indeed one to remember! It was a privilege for me to be given this chance to create and coordinate such an amazing event and to meet one of the music world’s greatest and inspiring artists.

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