Grace Home Trunk Show: In Photos


I owe all of you a recap of the wonderful turnout at the first Grace Home Trunk Show. I’ve yet to really absorb what has happened– in between the immense gratitude I feel and the many post-event details I need to attend to.

It was so beautiful, if I may say so myself. But that comes with special help and with a big thank you to Jo Claravall who made the trunk show so magical. And of course, there would have been no trunk show with no venue. Thank you, Makati Shangri-La for your support! Besides keeping it classy, we also had a wonderful tea service in place, featuring a special Jewelry Box Afternoon High Tea.

For now, allow me to share with you what other people have been saying and the photos they had posted that day.

All these photos on Instagram are really making my heart a-flutter. Take a look :

“She believed she could and she did.” From the time we first met three years ago to create her blog and brand, The Spoiled Mummy, I knew Grace would hit the ground running and never look back. She always had it in her to follow her bliss, and for that, she is a true blissmaker, someone who isn’t afraid to make her dreams happen. I am honored that she is a client, but more than that, I am blessed to know her as a good friend, an inspiring colleague and one of the most gracious people I ever had the pleasure of meeting. Grace, congratulations on your first ever trunk show and on Grace Home. I cannot wait to indulge in my blissful finds from your shopping soirée, it is the blush bazaar of my bloggy dreams. Hugs, dear friend @thespoiledmummy! Wishing amazing success for you, always! #GraceHomeManila #GraceHomeManilaTrunkShow #blissmaker #followyourbliss #makeitblissful #blissfulfinds #blissfulinthecity #ShopGraceHome

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Everything is coming up roses! #GraceHomeManilaTrunkShow

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Time to shop!! 😍 #gracehomemanila #shopgracehome #GraceHomeManilaTrunkShow   A photo posted by 80 Breakfasts (@chichajo) on




Congrats @thespoiledmummy on the launch of your home line! Wifey came home with some great finds. #gracehome

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But guess who was the real star yesterday?🌟🌟🌟 It was this beautiful pretty in pink box that surely stole the show! 💖 I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments about her fresh, sweet smelling scent — yes, even as soon as the box is opened! This Grace Home Candle is something I worked hard on and am more than happy & proud to share with all of you. It is #handpoured with premium #beeswax with 3 unique essential oils : rose, talc and basil – a wonderful combination you won’t find anywhere else, that’s for sure!🌹🌹🌹Thank you to everyone who lovingly took her home 💗 Here’s hoping that every time you light her, your homes will all be filled with God’s amazing GRACE! 🙏🙏 <Orders are now accepted online : download the Customer Order Form at or click the link on my Ig profile 👆> #GraceHomeCandle #GraceHomeManila #GraceHomeManilaTrunkShow #ShopGraceHome

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Thank you to all who came and for sharing your photos of Grace Home. Even I was also posting real-time updates on Instagram that day about the event! (It surely helps when you have a reliable service provider — thank you Smart for making it easy and convenient for this busy mummy slash new entrepreneur! So glad to be living a #SmartLife now!)

What a day that was, indeed. More pics and the real story (and a more detailed post) coming soon! Keep you posted!


  1. Bravo once again Grace! Super love my finds and excited for more! 🙂

    Here’s a little secret…I don’t use candles, I’m (your opposite) just not a candle person (in part because I’m paranoid!) but your candle smelled so lovely and visions of pampering “me-time” started dancing in my head so I just had to have one! I’ll be using it soon…after which we can say that you officially converted me! 🙂

    1. Oh wow, what a revelation, Joey! Thanks for loving my candle… I really put my heart and soul into developing that one! 🙂 Am glad you are willing to be “coverted”… Here’s hoping you really enjoy it! xxx

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