TSM’s Fave Things: May 2015

And so we finally reach the end of May, but I will not let this month go by without sharing with you some of my fave things!

See what made it to the cut this time…


Teppanyaki at Inagiku Japanese Restaurant,  Makati Shangri-La

I have always loved Japanese food. And while there are a lot of Japanese restaurants in the city, I am partial to Makati Shangri-La’s Inagiku. This is my go-to place for dining with the family or for lunches with girlfriends. They recently converted one room into a private teppanyaki room where you can have your own teppanyaki chef cook the restaurant’s specialty teppanyaki dishes.

Scallop teppanyaki, Prawn thermidore teppanyaki, Beef tenderloin teppanyaki. Dessert was Black Sesame ice cream with coffee jello and red bean (really loved this!!). We had pure Green Tea to cap it all off.
2015-04-30 13.21.50
A special treat: Traditional Green tea ceremony performed by Mr Ishikawa, the restaurant’s manager.

Inagiku Japanese Restaurant
Makati Shangri-la Manila
(63 2) 814 2580
Open for lunch and dinner




Banosmores Pie from Chichi Pastries

Next to strawberries, my next favorite dessert is anything made with chocolate. Now imagine that with the perfect topping of roasted marshmallows?! This Banosmores Pie from Chichi Pastries is a wonderful combination of the popular Banofee Pie and everyone’s childhood favorite, S’mores! It’s rich, decadent, and brings back a lot of fond memories.

They also make a delicious Banaloaf (Banana Loaf—see it behind the s’mores). This was soft, moist and flavorful. I had it for breakfast with my coffee, it was a perfect pair! I packed some for my kids too, they had it for their school baon. It is a healthy snack after all!

Chichi Pastries
0917-5310210, 0917-5100010


FullSizeRender (2) copy

Mother’s Day Flowers

There’s nothing like flowers to give a home that feeling of freshness and fill it with life. Beautiful blooms are such a wonderful kind of pick-me-upper, they change not just a room’s ambiance, but the vibe and mood it is in. But I think flowers are most special when they are a gift from loved ones. I received this gorgeous bouquet for Mother’s Day from my three kids and I felt like I am the most spoiled mummy in the world! That plus the handmade cards they made that came with the flowers truly made my day. It might be a small gesture, but the thought they put into it is really what I treasure most.

What are your favorite things this merry month of May? Share them here with me!

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  1. Hi Grace, great catching up at Longchamp opening and Tatler Traveller fete. Funny lang when you post stuff like Strawberry Pavlova and Banosmores and still looking like THAT, makes us go “it’s not fair, its not fair, it’s not fair”

    (p.s. we took note of the digits, thanks for sharing)

    1. Hi Ron and Chris! Always great bumping into you two! You guys make me laugh!! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and reading the blog again. Hope to see you guys again soon!

      Grace xxx

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