3 Things I am Grateful for this Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day, Spoiled Mummies!

We all know that being a mum is not always easy, but I’m sure you will also agree with me that being one is a blessing, something that we are always (and should be) grateful for. In my case, my life has been completely turned around after having children. It has certainly become more interesting and challenging. And when I became a mother… life has become more exciting!

So for this Mother’s Day, allow me to share with you the 3 things that I am most grateful for:

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1. My children and the time I get to spend with them

First and foremost, I am grateful for my children. For me, they are the most visible signs of God’s amazing grace.  Time spent with them is precious and as we all know, irreplaceable. Time with them once lost—is lost, it’s something we can neither rewind nor get back.

But of course, no matter how hard I try, it is simply not possible for me to be with them 24/7. I also have work and other responsibilities outside the home. Since I can’t spend time with them as much as I want to, it is when opportunities arise that I try to make the most out of them.

A good example is when we travel. I am pulled away from a lot of distractions from work and home, and therefore it is during these times when we are away from home that I can spend more quality time with them and give them my full attention.

2. Being busy but productive

Yes, ironic as it may sound, I am also thankful that I am busy. I am busy but productive, if I may add. I am busy with a lot of things I juggle every single day — and blogging is just one of them. But I also know that for some people, they don’t see blogging as “real work.” There is a misconception that bloggers are people who have a lot of free time in their hands — that’s why they have time to blog! Of course, now that I am in this kind of job and have seen how it is, let me already tell you that blogging has a lot of heavy work too!

I am proud to say that I work hard for what I do. I want to give my readers quality content more than anything else and yes, not just random ramblings of a blogger. I am not here to be “in”, to follow a trend, or just so I can be called a “blogger.” I write what I think you will find useful, practical and hopefully, inspiring. I want you to feel that when you read this blog, it is not just information you are getting, but also some form of inspiration. Your time is precious and therefore the time that you spend here must be worth it.

At the end of every day, I feel accomplished that I am able to produce work that I can be proud of. This work keeps me busy and allows me to use my mind and to be as creative as I can be. It has also expanded my network because this job has introduced me to some of the nicest and most talented people I’ve ever come across. All these things I wouldn’t experience if I am not doing what I am doing now. So being busy — ironic as it may sound — is really what makes me a better person and a better mum… and for that I am grateful.

3. Being able to take care, enjoy and “spoil” myself

I’ve always believed that to be a completely happy person, it is also important that I allow myself to enjoy the little things. It has always been my mantra that in order for us to take care of other people well, we must take care of ourselves first. I realize this every time I partake of my simple pleasures : eating my favorite piece of dark chocolate after dinner, shopping for myself once in a while, going out for lunch with my closest girlfriends, travelling to new places with the family. Yes, I am grateful for these little things.

If you’ve been following me or reading the blog for some time now, you would probably be aware of The Spoiled Mummy’s “philosophy.” I’ve always said that mums deserve to be spoiled too hence this is the name I chose for myself and the blog.

As mums, it is our natural instinct to spoil our children and everyone else around us, while we tend to forget our own selves. If we can spoil other people, why not learn how to spoil ourselves too? Aren’t we the ones who get pregnant, go through labor, breastfeed, and still take care of the whole gang after that? We work hard, we give the family our very best, and we do everything just to make everyone happy. So as the most hardworking person in the family, don’t you think that we need—or more like, deserve—to be spoiled  by them too?!

So mums, remember this: in order to love others, we must learn to love ourselves first. Don’t feel guilty about this, because you (yes, you and not just them) certainly deserve it!

Do what makes you happy. Be busy. Be productive. Pursue your passions. Work hard for your dreams. But never neglect yourself. Take care of yourself and most importantly, learn to love yourself too.

And why not start today? Let’s take this one day in a year to add a little something special, to spoil ourselves just a bit more! Because I know and you know, that you deserve this extra too!

So go ahead, be proud and say that you are a Spoiled Mummy! Because if there’s one thing I know about us women: there is really a Spoiled Mummy in each one of us! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mummies, grandmummies, and mummies-to-be out there! Here’s wishing that we will all be very spoiled today, because we deserve it!

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