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I love shopping… but who doesn’t? Sometimes for fashion or beauty, but more often than not, I enjoy shopping for the home more. Shopping in general is therapeutic, but shopping for the home? Now that’s heaven! From general supply stores to hardwares (!), from furniture shops to small designer boutiques — as long as it’s a store where I can buy things for the home, I’m there!

I can spend hours just going through different options and brands, aisle by aisle, piece by piece. I love tinkering around accessories, storage solutions and learning about ways to operate a small equipment or use an appliance. I study each product’s usage and importance before making that big purchase. I like to think about the decor I want ten times over, imagining how the colors and textures will come into play in my designated corner. Yes, I may be a shopaholic, but I’m also a very practical one at that too! 🙂

And amongst all the places in my home, I am more particular about what I buy and what goes in my kitchen.

Personally, the kitchen is the heart of my home. This is where we gather in the mornings to have our breakfast, this is where I have my alone time and partake of my quick weekday lunches, this is where we host weekend brunches for friends and whenever I find time during the week, this is where I experiment on my cooking and eat our casual dinners.

Truth be told, I often find myself in SM Home. I’ve known SM since I was a little girl when my mom and dad would take me there every Sundays, and give me an alloted budget of 100 pesos. Yes 100 pesos was all I needed back then — and this was more than enough to buy me my favorite pink headband and ribbons, plus always a pair of pink lace stockings to boot!

Fast forward to today, I now have my own home to take care of. And what do you know? I still go to SM, particularly to their brand-new and updated SM Home to shop for my home and kitchen needs! When we just moved in, I would find myself in this floor on a weekly basis. After years of being their regular shopper, I have gotten to know most of the friendly salesladies in this department (which helps a lot I must say) and they make me feel right at home here.

So it was but natural for me to accept this lovely feature for SM Home. It came out in this month’s issue of Town and Country Philippines. I hope you can still grab a copy of this April issue, while it’s still out in newstands now.

The feature is also here! These are my top picks for the home, all available in SM Home:

(Just click the link below the photo to enlarge.)


The Spoiled Mummy for SM Home

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