The Uses and Benefits of Manuka Honey

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I’ve been feeling a lot more tired and stressed lately.  I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel that time is speeding by so fast and there’s just so much to do and so little time to do it all! I’m sure most of you would agree with me that we (particularly the women, and most especially the mummies out there) face a tremendous amount of responsibility nowadays, both in and out of our homes.

So I am quite thankful to have discovered  Manuka Health Honey  and its amazing benefits to my over-all health and well-being!

Of course, we are all familiar with honey. Honey has been used for centuries now for both health and beauty reasons. But not all honeys are created equal. Today, it has been scientifically proven that the most potent of honeys is the one that comes from the flower of the Manuka bush that grows in Mount Adams, New Zealand. (Yes, specifically only there!)

Since this kind of honey is harvested from bees that source from this rare Manuka flower, it has been found to be more potent — meaning stronger and more effective — than all other honeys commercially available.

107 - MGO400 500g

Manuka Health Honey is a natural and effective antibiotic. To be more scientific about it, this is because this type of rare honey possesses the highest MGO (or methylglyoxal) content compared to all other honey products available today.

It is the MGO content that determines the potency of the honey. The higher the MGO content, the more potent is its anti-bacterial capabilities. And Manuka Health Honey  has varying MGO levels. They have : MGO 100+, 250+, 400+ and 550+. Personally, what I have been using is this MGO 400+ as pictured above.

So what are the real benefits of using Manuka Health Honey ?

  • It helps promote general well-being
  • It strengthens our immune system that can prevent and treat coughs, colds & flu
  • It helps cure sore throats
  • It is used for oral care
  • It helps in alleviating gastro-intestinal problems, such as stomach ulcers
  • It treats skin wounds like skin ulcers, boils and sores
  • It is a powerful antibiotic known to combat infections

So yes you can say that Manuka Health Honey is the only 100% natural food proven to be reliable and effective in boosting our immune system and fighting bacteria!

Hot Tea + Manuka Honey

Ever since I discovered the real benefits of this special honey, I’ve been taking it almost every day. I am a firm believer that an ounce of prevention is still better than a pound of cure! It is after all, a natural wonder drug that has no limit to how much you can consume.

Oatmeal, Banana, Almond Flakes, Chia Seeds + Manuka Honey

Manuka Health Honey is also the best substitute for sugar. It is what they say, nature’s most natural sweetener. I take it with my oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast.

2015-03-07 10.18.47
Yogurt, Fresh Strawberries, Almond Flakes, Chia Seeds + Manuka Honey

I find that these two favorite breakfast combinations (oatmeal plus honey AND yogurt plus honey) promote a very healthy digestive system, which we all need and can benefit from nowadays. Lately, this is also what my kids have been having for breakfast.

So yes when I am sick or feel that I am about to get sick (cough, cold or flu), I take Manuka Health Honey as often as I can throughout the day. I add it to my tea or to just plain water with a slice of lemon. And even when I am well, I take it for maintenance to strengthen my immune system and prevent me from getting sick. I treat it like my “daily vitamin” now, as I have integrated it in most of my meals.

2015-02-20 09.45.14

Do you know that when it comes to beauty, Manuka Health Honey also has excellent anti-aging and rejuvenating properties? Their skincare line does not have any added artificial coloring and fragrances — making their products suitable for sensitive skin, pregnant women and yes, children.

One of my favorite Manuka Health Honey skincare products is the Lip Balm. This Lip Balm contains wheat germ, jojoba oils and calendula for soothing and calming effects of damaged lips. It also has irwinol (wild mango butter) and natural oils to nourish the lips’ dry skin.

I got to try this when I brought it with me in my trip to Shanghai. And I say it was the most useful thing I packed in my bag because the weather there was cold, windy and dry. I applied this day and night and it prevented my lips from getting chapped and blisters!

And the other practical thing I brought with me on that trip? The Manuka Health Propolis Suckles. 

2015-02-25 10.05.03

I shared this too with my kids knowing that it’s a good and healthy kind of candy. (I told them if it’s this kind of candy, they can have as many as they want! 🙂 ) And this helped in preventing any of us from catching a sore throat. They taste just like any honey-flavored hard candy but one that gives a soothing sensation!

*But please remember that as with all other products you take, please ensure that you or your kids are not allergic to any honey or propolis ingredients before using them.*

With all these many uses of Manuka Honey, no wonder it is often called liquid gold or the nectar of the gods! Now we know that aside from its deliciously sweet taste, it also does a whole lot of wonders to our bodies. Thanks to its amazing and real benefits, despite the stress that we undergo nowadays, our life can still be made much sweeter! 🙂

As an added bonus to all my readers, just mention : “The Spoiled Mummy”  to any Manuka Health sales representative when you order and you will get a FREE Manuka Health Honey Lip Balm with every purchase of Php 3,000.

This special promo is valid only until March 31, 2015 and is available in all Manuka Health branches and through the Manuka Health hotline (02) 636-5588. They also deliver nationwide!


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  1. Good article on manuka health honey! I like using natural remedies wherever possible. Uses it mainly for medicinal purposes, little bit in warm water every night before bed. It seems to be soothing and calming.

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