The Best of Shanghai: The Fifty 8° Grill and The Bund


As you read in my last food post about Shanghai (here), I did have a couple of wonderful dishes from different restaurants across the city. But there’s only one particular place where I enjoyed everything from food to service, from start to finish. This post is about my favorite restaurant in Shanghai called The Fifty 8° Grill.

(And later on, I will also let you in on my favorite spot in the city called The Bund.)

The Fifty 8° Grill  is a classic example of old French cuisine meets modern French dining. It’s not the typical, pretentious fine dining place one would expect from a French restaurant housed in a five-star hotel. But rather, it boasts of itself as a casual but classic French resto with a contemporary twist and one that specializes on grilling the best kind of meats in open wood-fire.

Aside from wood-fired dry aged meats, the menu offers hand-carved charcuterie and freshly baked breads. These are all meant to complement the traditional French bistro fare, artisan cheeses and deliciously whipped desserts all made in-house in their state-of-the-art kitchen. The restaurant is run by no less than the Michelin-starred chef Richard Ekkebus (from Amber, Mandarin Oriental HongKong) who makes sure that ingredients are top quality and always at its freshest state upon serving.

IMG_4894Fresh Langoustines


The Fifty 8° Grill  King Crab Mayonnaise


The house specialty : David Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu MS9+, 600 day Grain-fed.


This delicious slab of meat was grilled over open wood fire. It was cooked perfectly on the outside but it was still juicy and medium rare inside. Look at that pink marbling!


Grilled portabello mushrooms : the perfect side dish for the steak!


We ordered two desserts : the Yuzu Sorbet and the Dark Chocolate Soufflé


The Yuzu Sorbet was very light and refreshing! The sharp, citrusy flavor of the Yuzu was very prominent and it perfectly balanced the richness and sweetness of the Dark Chocolate Soufflé.


Dark Chocolate Soufflé with Dark Chocolate Ice Cream.

(Yes, because I am a dark chocoholic — and that’s the only kind of chocolate I eat!)

2015-02-21 21.44.55

Warm and soft, dark and rich… this is Dark Chocolate at its purest form. The quality of the ingredients is exceptional. One can taste that this is only made of the finest kind of dark chocolate.

(Honestly, I really couldn’t figure out if I was having a chocolate soufflé or a molten chocolate cake or a chocolate soup in one. All I know is that this is the only kind of dessert that can keep me quiet for a long time… and with eyes closed at that! 🙂 )


Petit Fours : freshly baked Madeleines that were crisp on the edges but still moist and tender inside.

In the few days that I visited the city, all I can say is Shanghai’s dining scene is evolving and booming! From the perspective of a traveller (who eats a lot), Shanghai is definitely upping the ante as it continuously launches new restaurants, food concepts and dining adventures one after another.

They say that the Michelin inspectors are already sniffing around Shanghai and I wouldn’t be surprised if sooner than later, they would have chosen their selection for this cosmopolitan and food-centric city in China.
2015-02-21 15.25.29 2

And since this is my last post about Shanghai, allow me to share with you my favorite spot in the city called : The Bund.  If you only have a few days in Shanghai (and after all the eating you’ve done), make sure to visit (and walk around) this world-renowned spot because this is probably the most famous tourist destination in Shanghai.

The Bund  in Shanghai is their most scenic and charming waterfront, regarded as the symbol of the city for hundreds of years now. It is lined with dozens of historical buildings, facing the Huangpu River and the Pudong skyline. It is an impressive row of classical buildings that once housed numerous banks and trading houses from the US, UK, France and other European countries.  The beauty and charm of this street come from the old-colonial era buildings that were built in different architectural styles like Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. The place is so picturesque — especially at night — when all the outdoor night lights of the old buildings are turned on, illuminating the dark night.

The Bund  is a definite must-stop, a must-visit and a must-photo op when in the city. Never ever leave Shanghai without seeing this beauty!

The Fifty 8° Grill is located at :

111 Pudong Road (S), Pudong, Shanghai 200120, China

Tel +86 (21) 2082 9938

Online booking : Reserve a table here

The Bund is located at :

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