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The Philippine culinary industry is off to a great start! Coming this April 2015 is the biggest international gastronomic event to hit Manila : Madrid Fusión Manila 2015. 

As part of the “Visit the Philippines Year 2015” festivities, the eyes of the entire world will now focus on Manila with the staging of Madrid Fusión Manila  on April 24 to 26. This global event is envisioned to showcase an encounter between Spanish and Filipino chefs to celebrate 300 years of shared history.

Highlighting the Philippines as a culinary center of excellence in Asia, Madrid Fusión Manila  presents a unique opportunity for chefs, food aficionados, and food-and beverage company professionals to come together, learn new things and share their talent, expertise, as well as products to the market.

Madrid Fusión Manila, one of the most globally anticipated annual gastronomic affairs has three exciting events lined up for us : the International Gastronomy Congress, Trade Exhibition and Flavors of the Philippines Festival.

Organized annually in Madrid, Spain since 2003, Madrid Fusión has been locally dubbed as Madrid Fusión Manila and will be held at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City from April 24 to 26, 2015.  Celebrating over 300 years of cultural ties, Madrid Fusión Manila  aims to renew the culinary spark between the Philippines and Spain.

Some of our most notable Filipino chefs and internationally renowned, Michelin-starred Spanish chefs will take centerstage at the Congress to discuss and demonstrate the latest trends and techniques to transform global cuisine. Food connoisseurs and gastronomes will surely enjoy the Festival  happening simultaneously all over Metro Manila, including a Tapas Festival, food tours and tastings, roving food trucks, bar crawls, and more.

The Trade Exhibition will feature Spanish and Filipino premium products such as Spanish wines, cheeses, sausages, hams, beers, and sweets, as well as, Philippine rice, cacao, coffee, mango, coconut, liqueurs, chocolates, cheeses, nuts and artisanal salts, and various world-class kitchen equipment.

“The whole concept behind Madrid Fusión Manila  is to get the best in culinary arts to come to Manila, share their knowledge, and learn from our local culinary chefs at the same time. Not only are we excited to learn from the modern techniques, this event serves to challenge our food artisans to bring out the best in their craft and to start a crusade to make Manila the center of culinary excellence in this region”, said Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr.

Madrid Fusión Manila  is a joint partnership between DOT, the Tourism Promotions Board and Madrid Fusión organizers Foro de Debate and ARUM.

So who are the highly acclaimed Spanish Chefs who will be coming to Manila? Take a look at this very impressive line up :

  • Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz, 2 Michelin stars & 3 Repsol suns)
  • Elena Arzak (Arzak, 3 Michelin stars & 3 Repsol suns)
  • Quique Dacosta (Denia, 3 Michelin stars & 3 Repsol suns)
  • Ramón Freixa (Ramón Freixa Madrid, 2 Michelin stars & 3 Repsol suns)
  • Francis Paniego (Echaurren, 2 Michelin stars & 3 Repsol suns)
  • Paco Roncero (La Terraza del Casino, 2 Michelin stars & 3 Repsol suns)
  • Mario Sandoval (Coque, 1 Michelin star & 3 Repsol suns)
  • Paco Torreblanca (Torreblanca Bombonerías, Best Pastry Chef in Spain and Europe)
Elena Arzak copy
Elena Arzak
Paco Roncero copy
Paco Roncero
Mario Sandoval copy
Mario Sandoval
Francis Paniego, El Portal del Echaurren, Hotel Echaurren, Ezcaray, La Rioja, Spain. Photo by James Sturcke |
Francis Paniego
Paco Torreblanca
Paco Torreblanca

And of course, here are our very own — some of our best Filipino chefs — to promote the Philippine culinary industry and highlight our beloved Filipino cuisine :

  • Fernando Aracama (Aracama)
  • Margarita Fores (Lusso)
  • Jay Gamboa (Cirkulo)
  • José Luis Gonzalez (Gallery Vask)
  • Pepe Lopez (Rambla)
  • Rob Pengson (The Goose Station)
  • Bruce Ricketts (Mecha Uma)
  • Myrna Segismundo (Restaurant 9501)
  • Claude Tayag (Bale Dutung)
  • Juan Carlos de Terry (Terry’s)
Margarita Fores
Margarita Fores
Myrna Segismundo copy
Myrna Segismundo
Rob Pengson
juan carlos de terry
Juan Carlos De Terry
Jose Luis Gonzalez copy
Jose Luis Gonzalez

Aren’t you all thrilled and excited that our Filipino cuisine will be finally be showcased in the global centerstage?

I hope to see a lot of you foodies and gourmands here in the biggest international gastronomic event ever to come to Manila!

For more information on the event, activities and registration, please visit

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