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Last month, I hosted my first ever open-to-the-public workshop with fellow blogger Martine de Luna of www.makeitblissful.com. This was a very exciting event for both of us since this was the first of its kind styling workshop, we dubbed as : UNSTYLING.

We invited Kitty Bunag of Craftsmith Living to be our guest speaker, since she is considered to be one of the prime movers and shakers of the slow living movement or the unstyled lifestyle in Manila. The event was held in La Creperie Moderne at Salcedo Village and we had some of our blog’s readers and other co-bloggers as guests.

Here are some photos of the workshop, as (un)styled by Kitty herself :

(*Thank you Kay of Craftmith Living for these amazing, Pinterest worthy shots!)

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As you can see these creatively put-together vignettes were made of simple and practical materials that can be found in any home : dried leaves, old books, vintage lamps and glass jars, old cups and saucers, pasta shells and coffee-stained paper.

The lesson we all learned from the workshop is that : these mundane things, once put together purposefully or unstyled intentionally, can easily transform our ordinary spaces into something more magical.


Kitty was our expert who shared with us her tips and know-how on how to (un)style our personal spaces consciously. She gave us ideas on how to put things together more simply but artfully, how to style more with less and how to live life slowly but more meaningfully.


Our venue sponsor, La Creperie Moderne provided a hearty afternoon menu filled with a healthy dose of savory crepes.


And of course, The Spoiled Mummy Crepe was also served as the main dessert to our guests! This particular crepe has been on their menu since I met with one of the owners last October 2013. It was their goal to develop one indulgent crepe that will spoil their loyal customers. Of course, I was more than happy to help them develop the recipe! 🙂

Biases aside, I am happy to say that ever since, this crepe has been one of La Creperie’s best-sellers!! It is made up of every thing I love in a crepe : peanut butter, dark chocolate, salted caramel, homemade oatmeal walnut crumble and of course, fresh strawberries to top it all off. (I wrote about this special crepe previously here and here. )

2014-11-21 14.53.28

The venue was packed with eager learners (young students, homemakers, entrepreneurs, photographers, bloggers) who wanted to learn more about this new (or rather, old) form of art and styling. What we initially planned for 10-15 people, had a much better turnout of 25 guests!

Photos below show how everyone was so game and ready to apply the (un)styling tips they learned from Kitty on the several vignettes in and around the venue :

2014-11-21 14.55.40
2014-11-21 14.54.45

And here are more photos… This time with our guest bloggers and photographers who joined us to make this an even more special event :

(Click their highlighted names below to read about their own take on this event — and to see more gorgeous photos from their own lenses!)

2014-11-21 15.11.39

Left to Right : Bea Marquez, Myself, Martine and Patty Laurel.

2014-11-21 15.27.49

Left to Right : Kitty Bunag, Myself, Marilen Montenegro, Martine.

2014-11-21 15.19.24

Left to Right : Martine, Janna Simpao, Kitty Bunag, Myself.

2014-11-21 17.02.41 HDR

A big THANK YOU to all our generous sponsors who made this event a huge success : La Creperie Moderne, Rustan’s The Beauty Source, La Prairie, Town and Country, Elle Decor, Beyond Yoga, The Delightful Miss Joyce, Aly’s Cookie BarRoyal and Dandy.

2014-11-21 15.09.43

And of course, our sincere appreciation to Kitty Bunag for generously sharing herself, her time and her creativity to our guests.

Lastly, my biggest gratitude goes out to all our guests who registered, came and participated! THANK YOU and THANK YOU!!

To try The Spoiled Mummy Crepe, visit La Creperie Moderne at : 125 Leviste Street, V Corporate Center, Salcedo Village, Makati. Or check their Facebook page for the list of their other branches.

If you want to see more of Kitty’s works and styling, visit her at her lifestyle store, Craftsmith Living at : 2J, Crown Tower, 107 HV Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village Makati.

Do you have ideas and suggestions for future events and workshops by The Spoiled Mummy? I would love to hear from you! Please drop me a line or two here at the end of this post, under the comments section. Or you may also send me an email at : inquiries@thespoiledmummy.com. Would be great to hear what you have in mind!

Here’s to more learning this 2015!!

To see the invitation to this event (and find out how our guests were able to register) : click my previous post here. 

**This event is under my new Events group, TSM Luxe Events


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