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I have a girl. I have a precocious little girl, who is 3 years old, about to turn 4 in a few weeks’ time. She who thinks and acts like she’s 13 going on 14!  She rules our world, to put it mildly.  She is surrounded by two older brothers who adore her to no end and a father who thinks the world of her!

This post is for our little girls and for us mummies (and daddies, titos & titas, lolos & lolas) who are enamored by their insane cuteness! And because our little girls are just too adorable for words, we love spoiling them and dressing them up, don’t we? Pretty dresses and dainty frocks, cute little ribbons and bows, adorable bags and shoes, we would buy every thing in the store for her —  just because we can imagine how cute she would look on them!

Nowadays, especially since the holiday season is already here, shopping for our littles ones can be tricky and stressful. If you have the patience to scour the shopping malls and fall in line (and not to mention, deal with the heavy traffic going there), then good for you. 🙂 However if you are like me, always busy, with a schedule filled with 101 things to do in one day, and not have enough free time in your hands to go through the ridiculous crowds in the mall, then shopping online is for you.

So because I know most of you are in a dilemma right now as to what, when, where and how you will start your Christmas shopping (you know you can’t hide now!) for your little ones and for everyone else in your list… allow me to share with you one of my favorite online stores for shopping —  for all the little girls in our lives (daughters, nieces and a whole lot of goddaughters) :  Chichi Mary.

Chichi Mary is your online guide to all things girly girl. It is your one-stop shop for pretty dresses and cute accessories. The selection of clothes in this site are unique and well-curated. In fact, most of them are one-off pieces so you are sure not to see another girl in the same party wearing the same dress as your little one! 🙂

The brands they carry such as : Imoga, Sierra Julian, Sophie Catalou, Siaomimi are mostly from Europe and the US, and have become favorites of Hollywood celebrity moms. Prices are very affordable. They ship anywhere in the world of course, and most importantly, they ship in the Philippines for FREE.  All orders received by 3pm are shipped on the same day too! How’s that for fast, easy and convenient shopping? Beats any holiday stress for sure, don’t you think?

To make it even easier for you busy (and yes, you are all spoiled) Mummies here, I have carefully selected my top picks from this season’s current must-haves for your little ones. Take a look and tell me that these are really just some of the most adorable dresses you have ever seen!

Violet Brocade Dress_lfs
Sophie Catalou Violet Cap Brocade Dress
Siaomimi Violet Bubble Skirt
Siaomimi Violet Ditsy Bubble Skirt
Orange Hi Lo Dress
Sophie Catalou Orange Dress
Imoga Shelly_lfs
Imoga Shelly Confetti Dress
Red Paisley Hi-Lo Dress_lfs
Sophie Catalou Red Paisley Dress
Sierra Julian Icona Turquoise_lfs
Sierra Julian Icona Turquoise Dress
Imoga Petite Parade_1
Imoga Patricia Licorice Dress
pink tulle skirt_mary_2
Siaomimi Bubble Skirt Magenta
Imoga Patricia Dress_BostonPublicGarden
Imoga Patrica Rose Dress
2014-07-26 17.00.59 HDR-1
And what my little girl is wearing here : Djaknemala Pink Aloha Dress

Wishing everyone a stress-free and enjoyable holiday shopping!


Visit their website at :


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