Areum: Korea’s Most Luxurious Skincare Coming to Manila

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Last week, I was fortunate to have been invited to the press launch of the newest premium skincare brand from Korea.

Areum, Korea’s most luxurious skin care line will be made available to us through Rustan’s Department Store, Makati early next year.

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At the press launch last week, I met the dynamic duo behind the brand, David Kim (whose photo appears here) and lovely wife, Vicky. Both are very adept on the area of beauty and wellness since their combined backgrounds are in scientific research, product development, skin care and plastic surgery.

Personally, I have always loved Korean beauty products. They are known for great skin care, using only top quality and premium ingredients in their products. Their attention to detail, from the packaging to product quality is unmistakable. And their love for beauty and skincare is obviously seen among Korean women, most of whom who have flawless complexion.

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On the day of Areum’s press launch, we were able to test our skin’s condition (moisture, sebum level, pore size among others) and try some products on hand that matched our skin type.

 Areum has combined both ancient Korean herbal medicine and the advances of modern science to create the most effective beauty product to care and treat our skin.

What are Areum’s top beauty products? I have shortlisted them here for you (and summarized their benefits for your easy reading) :

*As with any skin care or beauty product, it is advisable that you use them regularly to achieve maximum desired results.

01 Dessage Cleanser

  • Cleanser – rich, ultra gentle and luxurious cleanser that eliminates makeup and impurities efficiently while calming and alleviating signs of stress

02 Mystique First Essence

  • Mystique First Essence – fragrance free, alcohol free and hypoallergenic toner that re-activates and re-energizes the skin beyond the surface

03 HydroPower Serum

  • Hydropower Serum – the ultimate thirst quencher for the skin since this is a 24-hour moisturizer that keeps skin hydrated and refreshed all day

04 Radiant Serum

  • Radiant – C Serum – brings light and life back into skin with its transformative whitening powers

05 Re-Creation Serum

  • Re-Creation Serum – the ultimate skin protection system that prevents wrinkles, diminishes pigmentation and repairs damaged skin

06 Recovery Cream

  • Recovery Cream – the extraordinary cream that promises to effectively lift and firm skin by enhancing the skin’s elasticity 1.5 times quicker than most anti-aging creams

07 Preimum Diamond Age Repair


  • Premium Diamond Age Repair –the only beauty product in the market available today that contains the rarest ingredient the world can offer  : Diamonds! Areum’s refined Diamonds activate the skin’s healthy cells, promoting cell restoration and collagen production. Skin’s metabolism is boosted as toxins are eliminated one by one.

08 Preimum Gold Age Repair

  • Premium Gold Age Repair Areum’s anti-aging golden elixir. This product uses 99.9% pure gold particles and packed with multiple anti-oxidants to protect the skin from premature aging signs. It helps rebuild firmness and elasticity to awaken the skin.This cream delivers both anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects as well as helps dermatitis, acne and other skin problems.

Areum also has products that can be used once a week to combine with your daily skincare regimen :

09 TheraPeelSystem I Exfoliating Polisher

  • Thera-Peel System 1 : Exfoliating Polisher – a calming exfoliator that sweeps away the surfacing dead skin while protecting the delicate skin beneath. It is meant for retexturing and exfoliating to remove dull complexion and minimize pores.

10 TheraPeelSystem II Replenishing Fortifier

  • Thera-Peel System 2 : Replenishing Fortifier – a soothing gel that rapidly infuses advanced nutrients into skin and boosts skin’s long-lasting firmness. This helps achieve tighter pores and a more vibrant skin after previous exfoliation.

11 Ultra Intensive Lifting Mask

And last but not the least, Areum’s star product : the Ultra Intensive Lifting Mask. This mask as explained to us by founder David Kim, is like no other beauty mask seen in the market today. This mask was created by an elite group of skin care scientists and laboratory researchers. After careful study, research and through an ancient method of synergizing Korean herbs, they discovered the secret to ageless skin. These secret ingredients were then effectively encapsulated into this mask’s formula.

This mask promises to dramatically reverse the signs of skin aging that we are all prone to : loose and sagging skin, wrinkles, pigmentation and enlarged pores.

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Of course, this was the product I was most excited to try first. I’ve used it twice already and I felt my skin is now more lifted and hydrated, my dry lines are plumped away and my skin is definitely tighter and firmer.

With the fast improvement in my skin’s texture and condition, I promise to use them regularly and let you know of the results soon.

In the meantime, I am now accepting aging as an inevitable part of my life… but who says we have to speed it up or worse, look older than our real age? With the advent of science and technology in skin care nowadays, I am just glad to know that yes, we can now defy gravity!


Rustan’s Department Store Makati

Starting February 2015

For product reservations, please email to :


  1. Great products. They are very useful in making people beautiful. I surely would want to try them with my easy homemade face masks. The result would be perfect.

    1. I loved how my skin felt right after just one application of the mask… It’s true, it is really the most effective beauty mask available in the market now.

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