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Our next Inspiring Woman is Karrots Nazareno, or Tita K as she is fondly called by her family, friends and followers. She is a mummy first and foremost who takes her role quite seriously. Meanwhile on the other side of her persona, she is the charming and effervescent host of the popular podcast show, LIVE LOVE LOLz.  It was actually this show that paved the way for our very first meeting back in January of this year when she asked me to be a guest and talk about the The Spoiled Mummy blog and the things I love in general.

Here is one creative, funny and smart woman, who can definitely outtalk anyone. She is full of life and will never run out of stories to tell. She can make you laugh and cry at the same time (from too much laughing!) by her simple wit and candor mixed with her own brand of humor. Here is one inspiring woman who reminds us that in spite of the many problems and challenges we face everyday – as mothers, wives or women in general, that life is too short to be taken seriously. The title of her show, LIVE LOVE LOLz is indeed so her, because as you get to know her more, you will realize that life is indeed meant to be lived, loved and laughed about — and yes, you may do so out loud.

Read about her inspiring story below…

Tell us a little bit more about Karrots Nazareno or Tita K.

Tita K is my online persona.  I began my online life in 2006 with, a blog that listed my local finds and random musings. I was a mompreneur too, who designed and sold cases for iPods and laptops. This brand was called : Karrots Cases. I also once dabbled in graphic design and was employed as Art Director for Kenny Rogers Roasters. I also helped establish and run Anthology Shoes and served as its Creative Director for 5 years.  

IMG_2922 copy

Right now, I am very involved in the Made in the Philippines movement, which is basically a group of young people who share the same sense of pride in patronizing, promoting and celebrating what is designed, handcrafted or manufactured in the country.
My biggest and most important role to date however, is that I am a HOUSEWIFE. I take care of my family and the home. Many times I feel like a “glorified maid” too — so I did a shift in my perspective and started labelling my domestic woes as : “DONYA PROBLEMS”.  This catch phrase then took off online, as we are all plagued by this “phenomenon”! Since then my personal blog has been neglected but only to make way for something bigger and better : the video podcast show I now host, Live Love LOLz.


For those who are still unfamiliar, can you explain what a “video podcast” is? How did you end up hosting one?

A podcast is a series of shows that can be viewed or downloaded from the internet into your computer or any mobile device for that matter. It can be in an audio format (like radio) or a video format (like TV). It is free and can be viewed anywhere, anytime! (Yes in the car, in the kitchen or in your banyo!) All you really need are your gadget and your internet connection.

This tells you that a podcast can be practical and helpful. It can keep you company while doing your chores or while you’re bored and stuck in traffic. There are podcasts on a plethora of topics, actually. From home to fashion, religion to business, comedy to yes, even sex. OMG.

Lets talk about your show. What is Live, Love, Lolz all about and how did this start?

I was discovered by the wife of one of our Executive Producers, Wolfgang’s rockstar, Basti Artadi. At that time, the network Battle Axe Productions was being relaunched to New Media Factory. And because of their hit show Good Times with Mo : The Podcast, they were starting to look at adding more shows to the network. They chanced upon my blog, read it, giggled through it, and then gave me a call the next day. I guess they felt that my personality was the perfect fit to what they were looking for. And the rest as they say, is history.

Today, I am proud to say that the New Media Factory or is the Philippines biggest podcast network!  We have 12 shows and over 15 million unique downloads a year! The shows we have range from sports to video gaming, music to technology, gossip to even more.

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My show LIVE LOVE LOLz meanwhile, focuses on home, fashion and lifestyle. I’ve had the honor of having fantastic personalities and celebrities from their own respective fields as guests, such as you, The Spoiled Mummy (!!), The Manila Fashion Observer, Divasoria, Agoo Bengzon, Ken Samudio, Boom Sason, Reema Chanco, Joyce Pring, Tricia Gosingtian, Xeng Zulueta, Snoe Beauty, Pink Box, Zenutrients, Havaianas, Thread 365, Seek The Uniq, 25 Mushrooms Kitchen, Project Vanity, Life After Breakfast.  OMG I could go on and on! Let us not forget, Hayden Kho, Basti Artadi, Jing Monis, Anne Arcenas Gonzales and many more! (Yes, I really love to name drop, LOL!)

Basically the show is really just like hanging out with your girlfriends in your own living room. My tone is light, casual and very candid!

And here’s another thing I am proud of about my show : there is always something my viewers can learn or take away from each episode!

Live Love Lolz is so popular and doing very well! What do you think is the secret to the success of the show?

The sound and simple advice of a friend, Kariz Favis (editor in chief of BC Magazine) was : “Just keep on going”. True enough, I only need to take a look at the tireless (and sleepless) people of New Media Factory to garner strength week after week.

But I guess my secret lies in my being a good listener. I simply act as a “spirit guide”, if you will — because the juice of the story lies with each and every guest. Each guest’s story or every new discovery is my success story. The major halakhakan that happens on the show is really just a bonus.

Live Love LOLz was the first show launched on New Media Factory on July 2012 and has since then, garnered more than 1 million views and downloads! Statistics wise : 48% of which comes from the Philippines, followed by the US at 21%, then by Singapore and UAE. The most watched episode is at about 35,000. We’ve gone as high as Number 2 on the iTunes Fashion and Beauty category…I am simply overflowing with gratitude!!

As a host, what is the creative process like for you? How do you prepare for each live show?

Ideas have to flow 24/7! But in terms of producing an episode, the creative process begins with the scheduling of the guest, then followed by my haphazard stalking of them online for a week! It takes me a full day to put together questions and photos for the interview (aka “research”). Then after that, I  plan the giveaways, teasers and segments. A season runs for 12 episodes and we are on our 7th season already. The challenge is in keeping the show relevant and interesting.


Having hosted a good number of shows already, do you still get stage fright before you go live and on air? 

Definitely! It’s been over 80 episodes and I still shake and bake! I’d like to think it is because I am thrilled with what I do. The weight of the entire process hits me just seconds into the show, then it’s chika na from there.

Okay, aside from the usual stage fright, what are the other challenges you face as a host?

Guests who have no kwento or who are suddenly quiet — which I respect of course. Everyone has a story to tell — except when you are censoring yourself. What I do is, I just change the line of questioning and hope that it flows again from there.

Another challenge for me is of course, when a guest suddenly cancels. I cope by “begging” other guests to come and accommodate me in their schedule! But when I cannot book anyone at the last minute, I simply just do a SOLO show! I can talk for an hour alone. But of course, it can really be quite horrifying!

Have you had any critics or negative comments thrown at you in the past? How did you handle them?

Well someone on Twitter once said that I had an “irritating” voice. I said I agreed with him completely because I too, can barely stand the sound of my voice! He apologized after that. LOL! Thankfully that’s the only “hate” I’ve gotten… so far.

What do you think about the power and influence of social media now?

Social media is the primary reason I am able to push the podcast. It truly is a powerful tool that you can have on your side. I hope to do this show till I am old and gray… and would like to have more special effects then, haha!

On a more serious note, the podcast industry is definitely growing. One of our pioneers, Mo Twister, has definitely paved the way for more shows and talents to emerge.

You are one of our Inspiring Women here on the blog.  Can you tell us, what inspires you and what keeps you going?

Thank you for including me here, The Spoiled Mummy!

I am inspired by the people I follow online. Otherwise I wouldn’t be following them! 🙂 Their work, travels, quotes, pets, even OOTDs all inspire me. Not by leaps and bounds, but in little ways as they simply add jolts of positivity and inspiration to me throughout the day.

But of course, my biggest inspiration and my driving force will always be my family.

Just another day driving my boys to their activities

With a very busy schedule like that, how do you balance your time between your hosting duties and being a mummy and wife?

Seriously, I don’t know what “balance” is anymore. I’m always on the verge of a nervous breakdown! LOL! I just try to get through my day… I make sure everyone is clean, clothed and fed. I have no cook nor driver so I am either in the kitchen or off driving someone somewhere. I am the primary caregiver of my son with special needs, so life is really uhm… exciting?? My mom helps me out when I have to leave the house for hosting. Mama saves the day for me!

But on top of all that, I would like to travel more with the hubby… But then again, I have to install a roof in the laundry area, buy a new ref, fix the car, and many, many more #donyaproblems that I have to deal with!

cDSC-2247 copy

Last but not the least, I always say that there’s a “spoiled mummy” in each of us… What do you think makes you, Karrots Nazareno, a Spoiled Mummy? 🙂

I am spoiled because I am simply blessed with everything that matters. I am spoiled because I get to do what I love. I am spoiled because I have made my choice to be happy. I am spoiled because I live, love and laugh out loud — all the time!


And if you haven’t seen this before, here’s a #throwback to Karrots’ interview with The Spoiled Mummy on her podcast show, LIVE LOVE LOLz :

To see her latest podcast, go to :


  1. I LOVE Karrots! We went to school together and I can say, even back then, she was already so full of life and LOLz!!! 🙂 She can make anyone laugh! But that aside, I believe she really is inspiring, for stepping out and doing what she loves, caring for her family, and just spreading her LOLz as far as she can reach. Excellent choice!!!

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