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I was recently invited by the Dove team to attend the launch of their newest hair care product, Dove Daily Hair Vitamin. The event was held in Blo Blow Dry Bar, a hair salon located in Powerplant Mall, which prides itself in doing the quickest and best hair blowouts.

Since I am quite meticulous when it comes to my hair care, hair styles and hair blowouts, I knew right then and there that I have to go and see for myself how Dove’s Daily Hair Vitamin can help me improve my color-treated and damaged hair.

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I arrive in my usual ponytail look, since this is the easiest way for me to manage my thick and frizzy, dry hair. I was then led immediately to the shampoo area so they can wash my hair with Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. After drying my hair a bit with the towel, we opened one capsule of the Dove Daily Hair Vitamin and applied it from the middle of the hair strands all the way to the tips. Since this is a leave-in hair treatment, there was no need to rinse it out before blow drying.

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We know for a fact that every day we subject our hair to a lot of damaging factors : pollution, harmful rays of the sun, heat styling and even towel drying! These factors are the ones responsible for weakening and damaging our hair strands. This is why Dove created this Daily Hair Vitamin because as much as we need to take our oral vitamins daily to take care of our health, our hair needs to take its daily vitamins too for its own nourishment and protection.

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So even though my hair was styled and blow dried again that day, I knew for a fact that my hair was protected because of the Dove Daily Hair Vitamin that was applied right before the blow out. This little capsule contains a concentrated infusion of much-needed nutrients for the hair. It has Vitamin E that nourishes dry hair, Botanical Extract that helps repair weak hair and Mineral Oil that helps protect hair from damage.

So if we are conscientious about our health and nutrition, we need to also start taking care of our hair’s health and condition. It really does not take a lot, since all we need is one little capsule a day to give our hair the daily vitamin it needs.

You know what they say about your hair as your crowning glory? So why don’t you let your crown shine? 🙂

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Dove Daily Hair Vitamin is available in all Watson’s Outlets, Mercury Drugstores, Rustan’s Supermarkets, Shopwise Supermarkets and Robinsons Supermarkets nationwide for P75.00 per pack of six.

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