The Spoiled Mummy in Hola! Magazine

Thank you, Hola! Magazine Philippines for featuring The Spoiled Mummy in your May issue.

My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot!


But more than that, my sincerest thanks for allowing me to share the story of my blog to your readers.

Here’s my favorite quote from the interview, “We are all trying to have it all. We’re all trying to be superwomen, super moms, super wives. But at the end of the day , it’s not a perfect life, it’s not a perfect world. Inevitably, there are challenges out there that we face as a mom and wife — as a woman, in general.”

I guess this sums it all up for me and for all the women out there. We can’t have it all but we sure can still radiate joy, positivity, contentment and gratitude – in spite of it all.

Special thanks to Stef Juan, Managing Director, Rorie Manzano, Fashion and Beauty Editor and Magic Liwanag, Photo Editor of Hola! Magazine Philippines.


  1. Hi Grace, congrats on your feature! As always, you’re looking gorgeous and your daughter is just so adorable! I shall look for the magazine so I can read the feature on you =)

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The Spoiled Mummy