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Truth be told, I haven’t actually written anything in the blog about a particular children’s product that I believe in and use for my own children. Since this blog is evolving, I am slowly incorporating a few changes here and there — and that includes me writing more about our children, stuff that may be useful for them and things that may interest them.

And before you know it…I will surprise you my dear readers, with an even bigger change! 🙂 But before I spill the beans on that very exciting part happening soon (cross your fingers), allow me to share with you this new children’s product discovery I have just made.

MD Moms Baby Silk is the first pediatrician developed – personal skin care line for babies and children. They were developed by Doctors Diane Truong and JJ Levenstein, who are mothers themselves and who are current pediatric practitioners. They decided to combine both their pediatrician knowledge and their first-hand motherhood experiences to develop a skin care line that is both child-safe and mommy-friendly.

Being a mummy of three with different ages (10, 6 and 3),  I am always on the lookout for good, quality skincare products that are both safe and effective for them. The most challenging part is finding the right skincare products for their needs since they have different skin types and sensitivities. My eldest son has eczema-prone skin, while my second has normal type of skin and my little girl, the youngest, has very sensitive skin!

Most brands that I’ve come across have overwhelmed me with the number of ingredients in their products, most of which are chemical, artificial and unsafe for use, especially for our children. Thankfully, all MD Moms Baby Silk products are clinically tested and hypoallergenic. They are phthalate free, sulfate free and preservative free. They do not use additives like lanolin, petroleum and mineral oil, which we commonly see in commercially-sold baby skincare products.

All MD Moms Baby Silk products are perfect for all types of skin since they use only naturally based ingredients that are both gentle and effective. In fact, their formulas are concentrated — so a little bit goes a very long way, which means we spoiled mummies can use some of their products too! 🙂

Here are some of my tried and tested products from MD MOMS Baby Silk :

diaper creamMy youngest, although potty trained already, still wears her “pull-up diapers” at night and during our long trips. I use this product to prevent her from getting skin rashes. The best part about this product is that it doesn’t leave any white residue on her skin or on my fingers!  It is very lightweight and keeps her bottom clean and dry!

Dry Skin Rescue Extreme Care CreamThis product is perfect for those battling eczema, severe flare ups and dry skin. My 10-year old boy has been using this for about a month now and the difference is very noticeable! His eczema is long gone and his skin doesn’t dry up anymore like it used to.

Liquid PowderI love using powder but I don’t like the tiny particles that can harm our babies.  This Liquid Powder goes on like lotion but dries up like powder. It’s perfect for our humid weather!

wash and balm

This is the line’s best selling duo for babies with sensitive skin and those suffering eczema. My daughter has been using this day and night and her sensitive skin hasn’t flared up since.

sunscreen towelettesI am one of those moms who slather their children with (too much) sun protection, especially when they are outdoors. I love how this is handy, quick to apply and non-messy to use. My kids appreciate this more than the rich, sticky feeling their usual sunblock lotion gives them. I use this myself too, when I take them to the park on sunny, weekend mornings. No sticky mess for me!

cleansing towelettes copy

Last but not the least, my favorite product in this line : the Cleansing Towelettes. This is what you may call “the spoiled baby wipes”, because they are bigger and thicker than most baby wipes found in supermarkets. They are alcohol-free and safe to use on babies and definitely, safe to use on ourselves too. I’ve used this as my quick makeup remover and it is very gentle and effective!

Do you have your own favorite baby and children’s skin care products too? Share them with me here!

MD Moms Baby Silk products are available at :

Rustan’s Department Store (Makati & Shangri-la branches)

Retail outlets : Numa Organic & Eco Baby Store, Baby & Beyond, Babyland

Online through :


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