TSM’s Favorite Things: March 2014

As promised in the beginning of the year, this 2014 is all about new beginnings and changes in the The Spoiled Mummy blog!



As part of these changes, here is another series I have added which I hope will be something you will look forward to regularly. Every month, I will be coming up with a feature called The Spoiled Mummy’s (TSM’s) Favorite Things. This collection of random things are stuff that have helped, inspired and spoiled me one way or another. These are wonderful discoveries (some of which may be nice gift ideas), that would be too selfish for me not to share with all of you.

So beginning this month of March, let me share with you a few of TSM’s Favorite Things  :

O&M all

Oliver & Maude’s Plexiglas® Series and Mahogany Chopping Boards

Oliver & Maude has a wonderful Plexiglas® Series that is perfect for all spoiled Mummies out there who love to entertain. They have trays, coasters and glasses that can be customized with your own logo or monogram. I personally have two of their trays, one I use as a serving tray and another as a vanity tray. They are unique, useful and very practical to have at home.

Their Plexiglas® items are made from high-grade cell-cast sheets, which make them very durable. They are break-resistant under normal wear and tear. Since I have kids running around the house all the time, these Plexiglas® items have been proven unbreakable even though they have dropped to the floor so many times! They are perfect for busy homes with over-active children, like mine! 🙂


Aside from their Plexiglas® Series, Oliver & Maude carries Premium Honduras Mahogany Chopping Boards. These wooden boards are made from trees grown in sustainable tree farms. Each is crafted, sanded and finished by local farm workers.

What I love most about this chopping board is that they are food-grade and are finely sanded and finished only with olive oil. The wood’s natural cut, color, grain and knots makes each product one-of-a kind.

Contact Oliver & Maude (Julia Morales) at 0917 809 7287 or visit Oliverandmaude@gmail.com.

Fae 1

Fäe’s Beeswax Candles and Vegetable Soaps

I have been using Fäe’s Beeswax Candles for quite sometime now. I have always loved burning scented candles at home both in the morning when I work in the home office or at night, before going to bed.

Fäe’s scented candles are made of beeswax instead of the usual soy ingredient found in most commercially available candles. Beeswax candles last longer and produce a “clean burn” or smokeless flame. They also emit negative ions that help clean the air.

Fae soaps

In the meantime, Fäe’s Vegetable Soaps are all-natural and completely vegan. They are made of saponified premium coconut oil, purified water and organic essences. They are handcrafted through a gentle, cold process method. They are so gentle and safe for use even for our babies.

Fäe products are available at Cura V Rockwell, Bungalow 300, Philux and online through www.seektheuniq.com.

argan oil pure (1) copy
The Souq Organic’s Moroccan Argan Oil and Massage Oil

Even though Moroccan Argan Oil has been in the market for quite some time now, it was only recently when I gave it a try. This bottle by The Souq Organics is the first Moroccan Argan Oil introduced to the Philippines. It is 100% pure, organic, cold-pressed, highest grade and the most authentic Moroccan Argan Oil you can find in the country today.

I’ve been hearing so much about this “miracle oil” and how it works wonders on almost anything you apply it to. Moroccan Argan Oil essentially is made from the nuts of the Argan tree which grows exclusively in the South Western region of Morocco. This liquid gold as they call it, contains the ingredient triterpenoids, which can help heal scars, protect from the sun’s rays and disinfect skin. It soothes breakouts such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. And because of its safety and effectivity, it can also be used by women to prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy and by babies to soothe rashes, insect bites and dry skin.

But here’s what I like best : Moroccan Argan Oil has a very high level of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which have been proven to have restorative and age-defying effects. It is by far, the most natural anti-aging product you can find. It is an all-in-one product that can be applied almost anywhere – hair, nails, skin and all over the body. It is not only beautifying and healing, but it is anti-aging too — exactly what all spoiled Mummies need!

argan massage oil copy

Meanwhile, The Souq Organics’s Moroccan Argan Massage Oil contains the same ingredients as the Argan Oil except that the texture of this oil is thinner, lighter and more “spreadable” on the skin. It has a nice, sweet scent to it coming from the mixture of Moroccan orange blossoms, avocado oil and sweet almond oil. When used regularly, this massage oil actually helps repel toxins, minimizes the appearance of stretchmarks and tones the skin. It is free from harmful chemicals too, like parabens. If you like to apply oil all over your body regularly (like I do) or you just want to use a better quality massage oil (I bring this with me when I go to my favorite spa), then this is the best kind of oil for you.

The Souq Organics are available at www.thesouqorganics.com or you may call +632.4215745 or +63917.5576955
Watch out for next month’s TSM’s Favorite Things!
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