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Pio's Kitchen famous Paella Bagnet
Pio’s Kitchen’s famous Paella Bagnet

Our next Homecooked Goodness feature is Pio’s Kitchen by Chef Chin Bagis.  Chef Chin is both a homecook and a professional chef.  She lived in the Middle East for 6 years and travelled frequently to food-centric cities like Barcelona, Morocco, Vietnam and Bangkok. Her travels opened her tastebuds to a lot of exotic flavors, as she loved sampling the different local cuisines of the cities she visited. Her wide sense of taste led her to further develop her cooking skills. After having had a very colorful gastronomical experience all over the world, she finally decided to bring home all these inspiration and start her own homecooking and catering business.

Pio’s Kitchen was then born. The name she chose was after her devotion to the Italian saint, Padre Pio. Her business, Pio’s Kitchen took off  specializing in Mediterranean food, particularly the Paella.  The Paella Bagnet (see photo above), is her most popular and my favorite dish amongst all the others I have tried.

It was last year over the Christmas holidays, when I was tasked to bring a “unique dish” to a family reunion. Although we are quite familiar with the Paella, as it is commonly seen during the holiday season, her Paella Bagnet surprised everyone and instantly became a hit! The soft rice was simmered and cooked for several hours in a flavorful saffron broth – that really, you can already eat on its own. It was that delicious. Meanwhile, the deep-fried crispy bagnet (Ilocano for pork belly) placed on top of the rice were allowed to shine, giving the dish that much needed crunchy and crispy texture. The paella and the bagnet complemented each other and were the perfect pair for this familiar-turned-unique-dish.

Pio’s Kitchen offers not just party trays for take out, but offers catering service too depending on your needs. You can order her dishes and pick it up or ask Chef Chin to come to your events and parties to do on-the-spot cooking. No matter what you choose to get, you are assured that Pio’s Kitchen uses only the freshest produce and quality ingredients. All the dishes I’ve tried from her had that trademark homecooked goodness that we look for in our homemade meals.

Here are some more of Pio’s Kitchen’s best-sellers :

Tapas Selection with Manchego and Olives
Ubod ng Sarap Salad with Seared Ahi Tuna
Paella Negra with Prawns and Arugula
Paella Negra with Prawns and Arugula
Beef Tenderloin Salpicao
Roast Tarragon Pork Ribs
Chorizo Tomato Pasta
Churros with a Twist and Hot Chocolate Dip

Most recently, Chef Chin decided to turn her kitchen into a small private dining space where she now serves her well-loved dishes. This is her grandparents’ ancestral home that she converted to become Pio’s Kitchen. In here, she added her unique touch by putting in a few rustic and charming Filipino accessories here and there, giving the mid-century home a very cozy and homey feel. This place is open for private dinners, corporate events, date nights and everything else in between. It promises to elevate your dining experience to a whole new level. Call in advance to make your reservations.

Pio’s Kitchen

Contact numbers : 0917 5322892 / (02) 5094529/ (02) 5012391

Address : 96 Scout Reyes cor. Scout Fuentebella Bgy Laging Handa Quezon City

Visit their website at : http://www.piospaella.com/


  1. hi! I heard and read comments about your restaurant.. Being a devotee of St. Pio too,I am planning to celebrate my golden bday in your place this coming August.. I would like to know the prices of your menu for 30 pax or more for a dinner party…please email me the details..thanks…

    1. You may reach Pio’s Kitchen through their contact details provided in the article. Thanks!

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