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Lasagne al Forno

Our next feature in the blog’s food series, Homecooked Goodness is someone who has always loved to cook for family and friends out of sheer love and passion for good food.

Trish Panlilio started her homecooking business called nawwTy’s Kitchen last October. What initially began as a hobby of cooking and posting homecooked meals via Instagram, has helped transform her into a “household name”  or actually — more like a “household secret”  by now. The popularity of her posts via social media and the constant prodding of her delighted friends who have tried her homecooking are what convinced her to finally turn this hobby into a business.

Though she started accepting orders only a few months back, she hasn’t looked back since. Turning her love for cooking into a small business has enabled her to share her love and passion to fellow food lovers. Through her dishes, one can see how passionate she is about good food. nawwTy’s Kitchen has given Trish an outlet where she can recreate her family’s well loved dishes using their old-fashioned traditions.

nawwTy’s Kitchen is continuously growing and expanding their menu. The dishes I have tried from her so far were all rich, hearty and deliciously comforting. Every dish possesses that homecooked goodness that we all look for in our homemade meals.

Here are some of her most popular dishes :

Paella Negra with house aioli – Squid ink paella with mixed seafood
Paella Valenciana – Mixed chicken, seafood, chorizo in fragrant saffron rice
Osso Buco – Braised veal shanks in wine with bone marrow
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Piquant chorizo in aromatic canneloni

nawwTy’s Kitchen now offers custom catering services too. Contact them at 0918 – 936 9854 or 0920 – 907 9122. Or email at nawwtyskitchen@gmail.com.


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  1. Reading this post has made me hungry to think I just had a hearty breakfast. hahaha! Love your pictures Grace, they were just pure eye candy! *drool* Thanks for sharing this =)

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