Homecooked Goodness by Chef Florabel Co

pritchon-edited copy
Chef Florabel’s Famous Pritchon

Our next feature in the blog’s food series, Homecooked Goodness, is a familiar name in the food industry. She is a professional chef who has a lot of restaurants under her name : Crisostomo, Elias, Corazon, Felix, Florabel and the most recent, Sisa’s Secret.  All of these restaurants serve a mixture of well-loved Filipino and Spanish dishes that have become a favorite of many.

Chef Florabel Co’s  love affair with the kitchen started back when she was in high school. She dabbled a lot in baking, which was really her first love. She made and sold chocolate crinkles to the delight of her classmates. It was then when she realized that she actually had a knack for food and business combined. So right after graduating from college, she worked her way up in the restaurant scene by starting with the popular Via Mare and eventually ending up in Le Souffle, where she became the Executive Chef at the young age of 23. It was in 2005, when she finally decided to open her own restaurant, Florabel. Fast forward to present, she now has a total of 14 restaurant outlets and a big and very much in-demand catering group.

What most people don’t know is that Chef Florabel also offers Party Trays of her restaurants’ best sellers. These are large servings of her most popular dishes which are perfect for private parties and small events as well as for special occasions or holidays. Indeed, this chef already has her plate full (literally and figuratively) with running more than a dozen busy restaurants, yet she still manages to add that special homemade touch and homecooked goodness in all her Party Trays.

It was last December during the festive holiday season when I first discovered Chef Florabel’s Party Trays. I had to host more than 6 Christmas parties in one month. And just like anyone else, I had to attend many reunions and get togethers during that busy December. It was her Party Trays that saved me in most instances when I needed to bring a dish to a potluck party or when I ran out of ingredients to cook at home and most especially, when I found no time to cook at all!

Because parties, events, lunches and dinners happen all year-round anyway (and not just during the holidays)… this convinced Chef Florabel to offer her popular Party Trays throughout the whole year.

Here are some of Chef Florabel’s best-sellers :

chicken galantina copy 2
Chicken Galantina
morcon copy 2
Beef Morcon
embutido copy 2
pinoy paella copy 2
Pinoy Paella
cervantes copy 2
Rice Noodles
rabo de toro copy 2
Rabo de Toro
shrimp gambas copy 2
Corazon - Lengua in mushroom sauce Php2100 copy
Corazon - ham, cheese, and chorizo croquettas Php995 copy
Ham, Cheese, Chorizo Croquettas
Corazon - mushroom salpicao Php800 copy
Mushroom Salpicao
Corazon - Paella Negra with squid, squid ink, fish fillet, topped with garlic aioli Php1250 copy
Paella Negra
paella valenciana copy 2
Paella Valenciana
BBQ Baby Ribs4 copy
BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Mushroom Canelloni
Mushroom Canelloni
Roast US Angus Rib-eye copy
Roast US Angus Rib-eye
Turkey copy
Roast Whole Turkey
cheesecake copy
Baked New York Cheesecake

See the list below to find out where to order and pickup your Party Trays :

Pritchon, Chicken Galantina, Beef Morcon, Embutido, Pinoy Paella, Rice Noodles : CrisostomoElias, and Corazon

Paella Valenciana, Rabo de Toro, Shrimp Gambas, Lengua in Mushroom Sauce, Croquettas, Mushroom Salpica, Paella Negra : Corazon

Baby Back Ribs, Mushroom Canneloni, Roast US Angus Rib-Eye, Roast Whole US Turkey, Baked New York Cheesecake : Florabel and Felix

Or you may visit : www.chefflorabel.ph or https://www.facebook.com/chefflorabel.ph

If you have some suggested homecooks or chefs offering dishes with this homecooked goodness quality, feel free to drop me an email at thespoiledmummy@gmail.com.

And to see my first feature on my Homecooked Goodness food series, click this link : Homecooked Goodness by Real Girl Toy Kitchen.

Happy Eating!!!

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  1. Nice post. Now i know where to go. Just one question, the roasted whole turkey…seems too smallfor a turkey dont you think?

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