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Thank you to Martine de Luna of for this lovely feature of The Spoiled Mummy in her site’s BLOG LOVE.


I met Martine about two years ago, when I was just starting to think of putting up my own blog. She was already an accomplished, award-winning blogger then with her own blog named (which has recently been renamed as At that time, she just started “blog coaching” on the side, teaching newbies like me about the important basics and fundamentals of blogging as well as and the ins and outs of this new “emerging world”. From our very first encounter, she already struck me as someone intellectual and very passionate about her blog and work, which eventually convinced and inspired me to finally take the plunge and give it a shot.


Her patience with my never ending questions  (and yes, I can be very makulit at times!) really helped me a lot! 🙂

Thank you Martine! I am looking forward to a more exciting blogging year for The Spoiled Mummy! 

Click the link below to read my interview with Martine and get to know more about the story behind The Spoiled Mummy blog, some of my thoughts and plans for the future :

And if you want to see our previous meeting of minds last year and how we ended up being each other’s Valentine’s date 🙂 ,   click the link below :

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