Thank You, 2013

Good bye,  2013 and hello, 2014!!!

bye 2013

Although we are already in the first month of the new year, I hope it is not too late for me to share with you the highlights of my past year. Looking back, I feel that what happened in 2013 was ages ago, when in reality, it was just a couple of weeks or months past!

It has been a while since I last wrote here. And I am sure you all know and understand why…

December was crazy with a flurry of events, get-togethers and short trips here and there (not to mention the abundance of food everywhere – which proved to be my main source of distraction, really!) So instead of going against the tide, so to speak, I simply let the flow of things happen naturally around me. And now that we know the holidays are officially over, there is no more excuse and it is time once again to get back into the groove…

Our once beautiful Christmas Tree all dismantled now and ready to be stored.

In the midst of packing away holiday decors and slowly helping the kids ease their way back into the normal routine, I thank God that I found the time to write and reconnect with myself again. Initially, there was mental block of some sorts, not knowing where and how to begin, until it hit me that I have yet to do my own introspection and retrospection for the year that was. And what better way to do it, than by remembering the things that I am most grateful for in 2013 :

1. ADVENTURE. In 2013, I faced my fears head-on and tried new and exciting things for the first time.

Amanpulo, Palawan

I faced my fear of the deep…by diving and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Amanpulo.

(Read my story about Amanpulo here and here.)

El Nido, Palawan

… and just last December, by kayaking in the world-famous lagoons of El Nido.

(Watch out for my feature about this trip!)

Anti-Gravity Yoga in Beyond Yoga Studio

I conquered my fear of hanging upside down and… learned the art of letting go and believing in my own physical strength, by trying Anti Gravity Yoga.

Niseko, Sapporo, Northern Japan

I faced my fear of heights and extreme temperatures… by skiing in the mountains of Niseko in Sapporo.

I conquered my fear of flying alone… by traveling to Hong Kong without anyone else but me. Unfortunately there’s no photo here to prove it, because I was by myself in the flight! 🙁

Having done all these, I am most grateful for the courage and strength that were given freely to me to conquer these fears buried inside.

2. TRAVEL. In 2013, I travelled the world. I immersed myself in the sun, sand and sea of our beautiful Boracay and Palawan beaches, I shopped in Hong Kong, I relaxed with the family in Vietnam, I ate the best meals in Tokyo, I skied in Sapporo and I dined in some of the best restaurants in New York City (and bonus : I met Dominique Ansel, the genius behind the Cronuts). For all these, I am most grateful for the time, resources and opportunity to not just travel, but to see and experience life outside the corners of my home.

My favorite breakfast nook in Danang Intercontinental, Vietnam
me and ansel 3
Met THE Dominique Ansel!

2013 was the year I traveled, went all out and really enjoyed life and its many wonderful (though sometimes, crazy) adventures.

(Read about my Cronuts story here.)


3. THE SPOILED MUMMY. Last but not the least… in 2013, I am most thankful for The Spoiled Mummy and the community that has grown around this blog. The Spoiled Mummy has made it possible for me to make new friends and strengthen old ties. This blog has not only introduced me to some of the best people I now call my friends, but it has also given me a lot of valuable experiences that would not have happened had I not pursued this path. I am most grateful for the love and friendship that I receive from supportive friends and loyal readers. Thank you for the support you have given all throughout the past year. Thank you for spoiling me! 🙂

For 2014, I promise to be more grateful. I promise to count my blessings more. I promise to thank everyone around me more!

Truth is, “We are blessed to the degree of our daily gratitude”. Let this new year 2014 give us more reasons to be thankful for. Wishing everyone a really happy new year!!


  1. What a nice read in conclusion to your 2013! It’s always nice to count our blessings. A wonderful 2014 to you the spoiled mummy. More blessings!

  2. Wow what an awesome year 2013 was for you Grace! So happy for you:) Cheers to more blessings and adventures for you and the TSM blog! Beyond excited for greater thinks to come!

  3. You are INSPIRING, Grace! I love your 2013 recap as much as I enjoyed reading about your many “firsts” the past year. I can’t wait to see what 2014 will have in store for you! See you soon.

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