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It’s been a while since I last posted anything in the blog…

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Lately, things inside and outside of home have been pretty hectic, with my daily schedule packed from morning til night, and a lot of traveling in between. Because of this, I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and write.  As mentioned before, when I write – I need my space and quiet time as I tend to get distracted by external factors easily. This explains that when I am busy juggling a lot of things or when I am outside my comfort zone (ie. my home), I find it a struggle to write because thoughts and ideas don’t come pouring in. Yes, I am one of those writers who need inspiration before I can write. I am also one of those who get mental block easily. (Anybody else the same way?)

As some of you may have noticed, I am also not one of those who will blog, just for the sake of blogging. I don’t want to put things in here just for the sake of filling it up and then bombarding you with unnecessary things. Your time is precious and I respect that, which is why I limit my space here to things that are worth writing and reading about.


This is why I am grateful for Instagram! Because of this easy and fast connection, I am able to post even the most mundane and random things of what’s going on around me. So even though I am frequently absent in the blogging world, Instagram has helped me stay connected with my readers and the rest of the world – on a daily basis!


Now that November is almost halfway done, the rest of the month promises to be even busier! This is the month where there are so many things happening here and there because every one is just preparing for the mad December rush. Not to mention that this is my birthday month too – which adds to the craziness of it all! 🙂 Soon before we know it, this month will be over and December will just come rushing in, leading us all on a frantic pace in our already crazy-paced world!


But before we let the festivities and the spirit of the holiday season set in, let me also take this opportunity to share in your solidarity towards the tragedy that has just befallen our country.  It is indeed an eye opener for all us. We are all affected one way or another. But instead of preaching, asking you to donate, or showing you an accounting of what has been done, I am here to encourage you to help in any which way you can. Big or small – whether it’s in the form of donating finances, sending goods or sharing your time, what matters most during these times of crisis, is that we help lighten the load of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Let us try to be that beam of light that gives hope to everyone around us, especially to those badly affected and in dire need of our help.


In this light, allow me take this opportunity to introduce a new category in the blog called : Inspiring Women. This new section of the blog will feature Filipino women and their success stories. Big or small, these stories spread positivity, encouragement and inspiration. These are moms, friends and other notable women around us who strive to do their best in their chosen field. They may be entrepreneurs, business leaders, lawyers, doctors, writers, artists, chefs, bakers, career women, housewives or homemakers. These are Filipino women making their own mark and leaving a legacy in this world in their own little way.

Simply put, what you will be reading about here are women who inspire other women. It is my wish that The Spoiled Mummy and the stories that you will be reading here will somehow give you that spark of positivity and that dose of inspiration we all need every now and then.

Watch out for my very first Inspiring Woman feature tomorrow.


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