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It was one of those laid-back afternoons when I was invited by my friend Christine, to visit her newest branch of La Creperie in New Manila, Quezon City. La Creperie was started 4 years ago by Christine and her business partner and best friend, Cheese, out of their love for crepes and homestyle French cooking. Since then it has grown to 5 branches with this latest one in Quezon City.

La Creperie Boheme, as the newest branch is called, is a quaint little place that reminded me of those pretty but unpretentious cafes or bistros one would normally find in Europe. The whole vibe inside is warm and cozy, very shabby chic and authentic, if I must say. Decors are mostly French books and art while furniture is very classic and homey. This is a lovely place to get some quiet, inspiration time alone or to have some good conversation with friends. They serve familiar and authentic French food like Coq Au Vin, Blanquette and French Onion Soup aside from their popular and traditional savory and sweet crepes — using only the best ingredients minus the steep price one would normally get in fine dining restaurants.

So together with Vicky, another friend of ours, Christine made sure that we were spoiled for choices right from the very beginning of our lunch!

Note that there were only three of us and yet look at the huge spread that lay before us :

NAMI and LAMERNAMI (rolled crepe) – Herbed cheese, fresh shiitake & button mushrooms and caramelized onions. Simple, no-fuss ingredients.  Just a delicious combination of mushrooms and cheese in three softly rolled crepes.

LA MER (folded square crepe) – Tuna, fresh shiitake & button mushrooms, caramelized onions and  tomatoes. Similar to the rolled crepe, but in place of the herbed cheese were lightly sauteed tuna and tomatoes. This tasted fresh and light.

COMPLETCOMPLETE (rightmost)- Ham, Emmenthal, Gruyere & Cheddar cheese and mustard. This was topped with a perfectly poached egg.

CAMPAGNE (leftmost) – Bacon, potato, caramelized onions, Emmenthal & Gruyere cheese and jalapeno peppers. This one had crispy bacon and a cheesy potato filling inside.

COMPLET 3And look how we divided everything equally into four portions, including that one poached egg on top! 🙂

GALETTEFONTINA with PROSCIUTTO GALETTE –  made from 100% imported buckwheat flour fried to a crisp and topped with melted Fontina cheese, prosciutto and spinach. Amongst all the crepes, this was hands down my favorite! 🙂 (Maybe because it was fried and really tasty!) I love how the melted cheese and thinly-sliced prosciutto perfectly complemented the paper-thin and crispy galette!

And I thought we were done…We didn’t realize that those crepes were just the beginning of our lunch! Even though La Creperie specializes in homemade savory and sweet crepes, it has expanded its menu now to include a few more classic and favorite dishes, such as these :





Christine made us try two versions of this pasta – one plain and one with sausages – because this is something new that she wanted to add to her menu. If you like the taste of truffle in your pasta (like I do), then the plain one (without the sausages), is the one I highly recommend.

LEMON SOLESOLE MEUNIERE – Sole fish sauteed in lemon and butter, topped with capers.

SALPICAOANGUS BEEF SALPICAO – Angus beef sauteed in garlic, lemon and soy sauce. The beef chunks were tender and had the right amount of  seasoning in it. This is a good example of a classic dish done right. Definitely, one of my favorite dishes here in La Creperie! (And it’s perfect with white rice too!)


Dessert was finally next…

Oreo Cookies and Cream Crepe- a marbled blend of regular sweet and chocolate crepe batters with crushed Oreo cookies, bittersweet Chocolate and vanilla ice cream on top. I remembered my three kids while eating this! 🙂 I can tell that this is something they would really love!

Angelina Hot Chocolate – this is one of La Creperie’s piece de resistance. It is the closest you can get to the famous hot chocolate from Angelina, in Paris (thus the name). This comes with dark chocolate couverture and whipped cream on the side for that extra richness!

Feeling already full, Christine asked me next what I would want if I were to customize my own dessert crepe…

CLOSED CREPE with OATS, CHOCODessert being my favorite topic, there was no hesitation on my part. 🙂  So without thinking twice, I narrated to her all my “dream ingredients” in one crepe! And so we came up with this…

PEEK INSIDE CREPETake a peek at what’s inside my “dream crepe”! 🙂

Ladies and gents, presenting…

INSIDE CREPEThe Spoiled Mummy Crepe – a generous spread of peanut butter and homemade oatmeal walnut crisps, layered with fresh strawberries and topped with their very own bittersweet dark chocolate sauce.

And if that ain’t decadent enough yet… I also thought of what I would like to put outside my crepe too! 🙂 I sampled a few more toppings and sauces here and there and in the end, decided that this crepe is best finished with a drizzle of their delicious homemade salted caramel butter on top!

Given all that, Christine said that this might just be her most luxurious crepe to date! Meanwhile, I told her that this might just be known as her most delicious crepe too! 🙂

Christine 1

So it was then that she decided to give it a try and add this new spoiled concoction on the menu. So that’s basically how The Spoiled Mummy Crepe was born!

Thank you, Christine for that delicious lunch in your lovely place. Thanks too for the opportunity to concoct my own dream dessert crepe and including it in your new menu! I hope all The Spoiled Mummy friends and readers will get to try it soon!

**The Spoiled Mummy Crepe will be available in all branches of La Creperie starting December. Every order gets you a special gift!  🙂


Visit La Creperie at any of their following branches :

– Shangrila Mall, 2nd Floor, Mandaluyong City
– Robinsons Galleria, Veranda 2nd floor, Quezon City
-“La Creperie Maison” at F. Calderon St. , Barangay Little Baguio, San Juan
-“La Creperie Boheme” at 66D Broadway Ave. corner 14th st., New Manila, Quezon City
-Soon to open at the Ground floor, 88 Loyola Bldg., 88 E. Abada st., Quezon City (behind Katipunan Ave. near gate of Miriam College)


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