Desserts in New York City – Part 1 of 2


It is a known fact that I always love good and happy endings when it comes to my meals — which also means that I look forward to my desserts. So in this post, I have come up with a compilation of some of the desserts I have had while in New York City.

But before we go into my list, let me be honest and say that some were amazing, some were good, and some were just uh, o-kay. But nevertheless, I still enjoyed all of them and therefore I think they are still worth mentioning here. 🙂

If you will also notice, I have attached links to their websites. These will give you more specifics like addresses and contact numbers that you might need as reference later on. These will also show you better quality photos that these wonderful desserts deserve.

So without further ado, here are some of the desserts I have enjoyed in New York City :

BOUCHON-choco moltenChocolate Souffle from 3-star Michelin Chef Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery Cafe.

Deep dark chocolate and super moist cake that is not too sweet paired with creme l’ anglaise made of pure vanilla and excellent cream.

This dessert is an example of something simple and yet so good, because the best kind of ingredients were used. Even though there were more interesting desserts on the menu that day, the chocoholic in me still could not refuse a classic Chocolate Souffle! 🙂

BOUCHON-strawberryStill from the same place, Bouchon Bakery Cafe, is this Strawberry Shortcake with Olive oil and Ice Cream.

You all know that I love anything with strawberries… mix it with some creamy ice cream and yes – olive oil, then this was a no-brainer for me. Classic with a twist. Definitely a must-try!

If you have been reading my blog for quite some time now, you would know that I like pairing strawberries with my chocolates. Without fail, the combination of both flavors excite me! (I first wrote about these 2 favorites of mine in this post : Of Strawberries and Chocolates.)

The next two desserts that follow prove my love for this powerful combo (and that I can have it again and again is an understatement). Yes, another pair of chocolate and strawberry dessert that I had, on another day in the city! 🙂

CHIKALICIOUS - molten choco

Chocolate Molten Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream, from Dessert Club, ChikaLicious. 

This was nothing extra special, since I have eaten so many versions of Chocolate Molten Cake in my life.  I think it would take a lot from a typical dessert like this now to blow me away. This particular recipe for instance, could use some tweaking here and there and with a little innovation, could still be more exciting. I still enjoyed it though, maybe because I shared it with good company. Or perhaps because it was made of dark chocolate that has been melted — which is always a sure come-on to any chocoholic like me!

Pardon the shameless plug…but I still think that The Spoiled Mummy’s Chocolate Molten Cake is better than this! 🙂

CHIKALICIOUS - strawberryStrawberry Shortcake (yes again!), also from Dessert Club, ChikaLicious.

This was good, no actually, this was much better than the Molten Chocolate Cake from the same place. Made of their house made Strawberry Shortcake that has been cut up in cubes, then mixed in with some fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream, this proved to be the redeeming factor in my dessert quest that night.

DC - cupcakes1I’ve tried so many cupcakes in NYC and ironically, DC Cupcakes (or sometimes known as Georgetown Cupcakes) which originated in Washington DC, is the one that tops them all.

If the logo looks familiar, it’s because this cupcake place has its own reality TV show in TLC, with the same title : DC Cupcakes.

DC - cupcakes 2Owned by two sisters who are also the best-selling authors of two books (The Cupcake Diaries and Sweet Celebrations), this cupcake place is famous for its Vanilla Birthday, Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip and Red Velvet and luckily, I was able to try all three of them! All were good, but the best for me is still the Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip (middle). It is made of Valrhona chocolate cupcake baked with peanut butter chips, topped with peanut butter frosting and then swirled on top with chocolate ganache.

MILOS - baklavaBaklava from Estiatoro Milos.

This restaurant in the Midtown is a hip and happening place known for its Greek Mediterranean cuisine. This Baklava that I ordered for my dessert was good…but I think our local Moroccan restaurant here, Kasbah, makes a flakier and tastier version than this. (See my post about Kasbah here).

MILOS - yogurtGreek-style artisan-made Goat’s Milk Yogurt with Thyme Honey, also from Estiatoro Milos.

My second dessert from the same restaurant is something I love, but I would still prefer eating my yogurt during breakfast and not for dessert. I love yogurt as some of you already know (if you are following me on Instagram and Twitter, you would see the many kinds of yogurt I have had recently). This in fact has become my breakfast staple ever since I discovered the simple joys of eating it, and the many benefits I get from this super health food. (Check my previous post here to see.)

LE B- chocoChocolate Popcorn, made of Madagascan Chocolate Ganache, Candied Peanuts and Popcorn Ice cream, from Le Bernardin. 

I say this dessert is really something special because it came from one of the highest-rated restaurants in NYC. It has been awarded the Michelin Guide’s coveted 3 stars, Zagat picked it as its no.1 restaurant for 2012 and it has maintained the New York Times’ highest rating of 4 stars for the longest period of time!

Since this came highly recommended, I only expected the best desserts to come out of their kitchen. Thank goodness, they did not disappoint! Suffice to say that this (and the next one) was one of the most spectacular and delicious desserts I’ve ever had in the city!

LE B - coffeeCoffee, from Le Bernardin. This is made of Caramel Cremeux, Mascarpone Mousse and Coffee Ice cream.

As I have mentioned above, these 2 desserts were AMAZING! From the high quality of the ingredients used to the way it was made, to the interplay of flavors in each dish, down to the beautiful plating, every detail was worth remembering. If for these desserts alone, this restaurant definitely deserves all its stars and ratings! 🙂

JUNIORSOriginal Cheesecake from Junior’s Cheesecake.

Founded in the 1950’s, this place (the original is in Brooklyn) is known to be the “home of New York’s best cheesecake”. It has also been voted as the “Best Cheesecake” by several groups and critics. As some loyal followers would also say, this is how the “New York Cheesecake” term was coined!

And if you ask me, I say this is one of the most delicious cheesecakes I’ve ever had. The cake is actually very plain and simple, and so are its taste and texture and yet you know that with one bite, this is THE standard that all cheesecakes should follow. Yes, this is the way all cheesecakes should be. The cake is dense and creamy, smooth and rich, and yet still surprisingly light and not overwhelming. Best part? The “cream cheese flavor” is so evident. This is by far, my cheesiest cheesecake ever! 🙂

This ranks high up on my dessert list and one should never leave New York without even having a taste of this original New York cheesecake from Junior’s Cheesecake.

LADY M-plaza 1Signature Mille Crepes from Lady M.

Made of 20 (yes 20!!!) paper-thin handmade crepes, layered with the lightest pastry cream I’ve ever come across, this cake is nothing short of heavenly. It is topped with caramelized sugar that’s not too sweet, similar to what we see on creme brulees.

Lady M is one of the first purveyors of this multi-layered crepe cake that this has been their most famous and signature creation to date. Because it has been well-received publicly, they have come up with other amazing flavors too like Green Tea, Citron, and Strawberry among many others. Check their website here to see their other mouth-watering and delicious cakes.

LADY M-plaza 2

Ultra soft, very creamy and that delicious, this is the most luxurious cake I’ve ever had. Luxurious, because after having had so many cakes in my life, one bite of this crepe cake told me that every little ingredient that came into making this cake was of the highest and most premium quality.

From the first time I tried it, I knew right then and there that this cake is special. No scrimping on taste nor quality here.  For I don’t know how anyone else can make a cake as soft, delicious and luxurious as this without using the best ingredients possible.

Just imagine layers and layers of the thinnest crepes, interspersed with the most delicate and lightest cream, then topped with just the right amount of burnt sugar…

I don’t know how else I can justly describe this heavenly piece of cake. As I write this piece, I am happily reminded of its pillow-softness, creamy taste and how every nice forkful felt on my lips. Good thing, I was by myself when I had this cake – which means I didn’t have to share it with anyone but me. 🙂

This is one of those cakes that convinced me that because it’s so good, I have to try the others too. But because I only have one stomach, which has already been filled to the brim and about to burst, I decided to postpone my gluttony and planned to come back again on another day to try the other flavors…

MASA-crepe1So on another day, after I had a 28-course Omakase menu of sushi, truffles and Kobe beef in the famed 3-Michelin starred Japanese restaurant Masa), I had the surprise of my life when they served Lady M Mille Crepes to me as my dessert, in Green Tea flavor!

It was here in Masa, this highly-acclaimed and most exclusive Japanese restaurant in NYC, that I had one of my most memorable dinners to date. And this dessert surprise at the end (for how did they know that I have fallen in love with Lady M?) was just the perfect way to end it! 🙂

Great food, impeccable service, and my experience of meeting, having a photograph and a conversation with the elusive Chef Masa were all part of this one incredible experience. These are more than enough to make me conclude that yes, this has been my best meal yet in New York City.





  1. The signature mill crepes is virtually amazing! the layers, I could see.. some kind of an effort down there.. all are yumilicious for me.. i’m also a chocoholic!!

  2. I wonder if you’ve had a chance to visit Momofuku Milk Bar during this trip or on your past trips to NYC . If not, I suggest you give their famous crack pie a try!

      1. I also thought of the Jean Georges Chocolate Tasting Menu while reading your post…I’ve been dying to try it! Would love to know what you think of it if it’s on your agenda as well.

        1. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to Jean Georges in this trip 🙁 ABC Kitchen, his farm-to-table restaurant, was on my list too, but due to lack of time, I was unable to make it! 🙁
          When on holiday (or esp when in NYC), we all know that there are too many things to try and too little time to do them!

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