Desserts in New York City – Part 2 of 2

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Because I had too many desserts in the Big Apple, I had to divide the blog post into two parts. So here is part two, the continuation of my dessert list in New York City :

(Click the link here to see Desserts in New York City – Part 1 of 2)

NOMAD - choco

Malted Ganache with Chocolate Fondant from NoMad Hotel.  

This hip and happening place on Broadway is headed by Chef Daniel Humm, the same chef of the critically acclaimed 3 star Michelin restaurant (also in NYC), Eleven Madison Park.


Strawberries and Poached Angel Food Cake, Ricotta and Anisse Hyssop, also from NoMad Hotel. 

With the high credentials of the chef as well as the popularity of this modern hotel and its restaurant, the two desserts above did not disappoint. They were made of my usual favorites – dark chocolate and strawberries. But it was the uniqueness of the other ingredients mixed in (such as the malted chocolate ganache , ricotta cheese and anisse hyssop) that made these two dishes memorable. Of course, good presentation also played a key role. But more than that, it was the combination and the complexity of the flavors in each plate that made these desserts simply unforgettable.

WAFELS - name

One of the most popular food trucks roaming around the busy streets of New York City has now added a bustling cafe in its resume. Located in the East Village, Wafels and Dinges sells the most authentic Belgian Waffles and other fine Belgian sweet things like Spekuloos cookies and Maple syrup.


My order : Belgian Wafel (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) with dinges (meaning : toppings) made of fresh strawberries, their house made Spekuloos ice cream (yes, it’s spelled with a k) and dark chocolate drizzle. Simple and no frills, just authentic and plainly delicious.


Pineapple Upside Down Cake Truffles, Cereal Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream and Crack Pie from Momofuku Milk Bar. 

To those in the know, this wildly popular bakery in NYC is a definite must-stop for dessert lovers. The concept of this dessert place or milk bar is simple : they offer childhood favorites or classic desserts with an interesting twist and present them with that “homemade look” that evoke “homemade goodness”.


Pineapple Upside Down Cake Truffles. These are little moist coconut cake balls mixed with some pineapple juice and topped with shredded coconut flakes. It’s pina colada made into cake truffles! I love that it comes in the right bite size too. The toasted coconut flakes on top and the pineapple flavor give it that nice, nutty, refreshing taste. This miniature dessert is perfect for those who love anything with coconut. 🙂


Cereal Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream. This is cereal – infused milk ice cream sprinkled with caramelized cereal corn flakes. Very simple in taste and yet bursting in creamy goodness. This delicious ice cream reminded me of my favorite childhood breakfast : cornflake cereals steeped in full-fat, creamy, cold milk! 🙂


But the most popular dessert from Momofuku Milk Bar is their Crack Pie. If there is only one dessert you have to get here, it has to be this one. This is the pie people talk about and most often copied by both home bakers and professionals — but never exactly replicated.


Rich, sweet, buttery and gooey. It has all the qualities of a luscious dessert. I say this pie is surely worth every bite and calorie! 🙂

Notice too that it has that powdered “white crack” on top? Some say therein lies the secret… and that this is what makes the pie so addicting. They also say this “crack” is the reason how the name Crack Pie was conceived. 🙂

(The Momofuku Milk Bar and its desserts are that famous, it even has its own best-selling recipe cookbook available in all its restaurants and Amazon. Click the link here to read about it.)

big gay 2 ice cream

For the most inventive (and I say, the best) soft serve ice cream in NYC, it’s: Big Gay Ice Cream.  The name alone is enough to pique anybody’s interest. True enough, as soon as I got there, I knew I was in for such a good, happy treat! 🙂 Their menu is composed mainly of traditional soft serve ice cream (in either vanilla or chocolate) served with non-traditional toppings such as : wasabi pea dust, olive oil, sea salt, dulce de leche and many others.

Photo above shows their 2 most popular flavors : American Glob (left) and Salty Pimp (right).

BIG GAY - crushed 1

The American Glob is made of creamy vanilla soft-serve ice cream, dipped in dark chocolate fudge, rolled in crunchy pretzels and topped with sea salt. The salty pretzels add that nice, crunchy texture to the creamy, soft serve ice cream.

BIG GAY - crushed 2

The Salty Pimp is similar to the American Glob because it is made of the same creamy vanilla soft serve dipped in dark chocolate fudge, but this time drizzled with dulce de leche and topped with sea salt. This ice cream concoction is simple and straightforward but amazingly delicious. Oh and I also love how their thin, crunchy dark chocolate fudge shell cracks under my (teeth’s) pressure! 🙂

LEVAIN store

Last but not the least, is my favorite bakery in New York city, Levain Bakery.  Located in a cozy neighborhood in the upper West Side, this bake shop is always filled to the brim with loyal New York customers and eager tourists who come from all over to taste their legendary cookies. True to form, ever since I tried their “huge-as-my-face” cookies years ago, I have always asked friends and family to bring these home to me as their “pasalubong”. 🙂

Aside from cookies, Levain Bakery also makes bread, scones, muffins and cakes. Go to their website here to see their other yummy baked goods.

LEVAIN - box 2

Levain Bakery’s Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies. Perfect for those who are not so much into rich chocolate cookies. (That’s not me obviously!) I got this box for my sister in law. 🙂

LEVAIN - box 1A

And my gift or “pasalubong”  to myself (ie. what I brought home) : one box filled with my favorite Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies mixed in with just a couple of Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies (for those rare days when I need a break from the dark chocolate. :))


Up close with my favorite Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookie. This cookie is HUGE and thick, with a center that’s moist and gooey. It is slightly crusty on the outside but oh-so chewy in the inside. No scrimping on good, quality ingredients here. As you can see, one cookie is filled with lots of big chunks of peanut butter chips! 🙂

I’ve written about this favorite cookie of mine in my earlier posts…click the link here to read about it : A Big Peanut Butter Fan.

LEVAIN - bench

For me, Levain Bakery’s cookie is THE gold standard, the way all cookies should be. One bite and it moves you. One bite and it reminds you of your fond childhood memories. One bite and it transports you to back in the day when you were young and carefree (and couldn’t care less about the richness and calorie count of your cookie! :))

This is the cookie that gives me that homemade goodness and that warm, fuzzy, comfort feeling. It makes me forget about my worries even for a moment. This is the cookie that tells me I am perfectly happy where I am — no matter what the circumstances around me maybe.

So it’s true : this is the most delicious, heavenly cookie I have ever tasted. The New York Times food review said it best, “These may possibly be the largest, most divine chocolate chip cookies.”  And The Spoiled Mummy couldn’t agree more. 🙂

No wonder I enjoyed my New York trip (and added a whole lot of pounds to prove it) with all these delightful and scrumptious desserts within my reach!



    1. Thank you! Yes Levain cookies are really the best cookies I’ve ever tried! Thanks for sharing your post too! 🙂

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