A Superhero’s Birthday Party


Having more than one child also means having to host more than one children’s birthday party in one year.  Since I don’t want to be labeled as a mom who plays “favorites”, this post is dedicated to my second son, my little prince charming, my silly boy, who turned 5.

Since I find it quite impractical to be doing BIG children’s parties for each of my child every year,  I’ve decided that BIG celebrations are to be done only during their “milestone years” – and for the typical Filipino family like ours, those are the 1st, the 7th, and the 18th birthdays.

(I’ve written about my daughter’s 1st bday party here and my eldest son’s 7th bday party here.)


Since I can’t accommodate 20 small kids with their parents and their yayas at home, I decided to book a small function room in Active Fun, an indoor playground and children’s entertainment place located in Bonifacio Global City.  They offered several packages that included food, decor and entertainment, depending on my budget and needs.


And just like any typical 5 year old boy, all my son wished for his birthday was to see his favorite superhero, Ben10. 


Ben10 Birthday Cake by Cake Shack

Going back to being practical for this party, I chose Active Fun’s basic package and decided to make do without the elaborate decors. This already included a sizeable merienda buffet, a handful of balloons, a magician, and a couple of tickets for those kids who wanted to play in the indoor playground. I figured little 5 year olds don’t really need much to be happy anyway – as long as there’s yummy food and some playtime, they’ll be perfectly fine! 🙂


Because I try my best not to serve too much junk food in my children’s parties…I bought these Veggie Chips from Healthy Options (the brand name escapes me now!) and placed them in these nice, customized boxes from Party Starters (whom I’ve first written about here).

Of course, being the OC mom that I am, I still wanted the party to look nice and coordinated. But because I didn’t want to spend too much, I got the DIY kit of Party Starters instead. (Yes, a DIY kit for parties like these does exist!) With this kit, you can already customize your own printables with your own name or design. All you have to do is choose your colors and graphics and then label it according to the way you want it.  These alone are enough to make any party pretty, minus all the unnecessary costs of hiring a party organizer.

All you need to do is add some dose of creativity – just like the way I did here! I thought of words or names that are related to anything “Superhero”, and used them as labels for the food, drinks and giveaways.


Party Starters polkadot green and white paper cups with lemonade. Labelled it as “Power Drink”. 🙂


Ordered my favorite cookies from Cookie Bar which came in mini cookie cups and labelled them as Energy Cookie Cups! 🙂 The size proved to be just perfect for the little fingers of our mini superheroes!


These mini cookies were such a hit in the party! Both the kids and adults were scrambling to get their hands on them! 🙂

Cookie Bar’s cookie cups come in many different toppings – such as Marshmallows, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Fudge, Caramel, Hershey’s Chocolate Chips, Reese’s Cups, Ferrero Rocher, Maltesers, Red Velvet and Oreo, among many others!

(I’ve written about my favorite classic Peanut Butter cookie cup here... and as I’m writing this, I’m already thinking of trying their Reese’s cookie cups next!)


Cupcakes from Cupcake Boutique which I labelled as Power Cupcakes! 🙂 


Still part of Party Starters‘ DIY Kit were these water labels I customized. Added the words “Drink Up” to simply make it more appealing to the kids!


For guests to take home, I ordered these personalized “Super Cookies” (with my son’s initials, age and Superhero words) from Coco Cakes. 


For more added give-aways, I bought Superhero toys, books, art materials, knick knacks and placed them inside these cute green and white striped paper bags, also from Party Starters.


And remember what I told you, I wanted to save on costs…so The Spoiled Mummy also acted as the Party Host that day! 🙂


This little boy’s party was simple, practical and yet still pretty and fun. I bought the DIY Kit to have that nice and consistent look, ordered a few favorite desserts to please hungry little tummies (and myself, of course) and got the kids some toys for them to have something to bring home. And I the Mummy, hosted to give the guests some form of amusement and entertainment! 🙂

The most fulfilling part in my child’s birthday party was seeing his face light up because we (with superhero Ben10 and his friends), came to make his simple wish come true.

At the end of the day, I realized there are only 3 things that a party needs : a dose of creativity, a yummy cake and a superhero of a Mom. 🙂

Party Starters (Maan San Buenaventura) – 0927 929-1075

Cookie Bar (Ivorie Acosta) – 0917 555-1228

Coco Cakes (Michelle Teves) – 0917 532-7472

Active Fun (Anne Zablan) – 0917 502-6678

Cake Shack (Gui Garcia) -0947 616-5065

Cupcake Boutique (Klar Joseph) – 0917 533-5527

Photography (JR Torres) – 0923 516-5154


  1. hi did u pay corkage to bring in those cookies cupvakes and the diy decors? want to have my daughter’s bday there but im overwhelmed by the corkage fees!

    1. Hi Sarah, yes if I remember correctly there was minimal corkage fee back then. There may be a higher fee now though. Good luck with your party planning! xxx

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