An Afternoon of Food, Fun and Photos


I have always loved taking photos. Whether it be of my kids, my travels or my food, I try my best to document everything. And in this age of social media as we all know – almost every photo is shared!  There are no more hard and fast rules, whether it’s a great photo or a badly taken one – if the person who took it wants to share it, it will be shared!

Since taking good photos is now part of my job as a blogger, I thought of taking a crash course on basic Photography so I can improve my shots. Thankfully, it was then that I met fellow lifetsyle blogger, art curator and photographer, Mia Marchadesch of A Matter of Taste Online.Com


Last week when Mia was in town (she is based in Bangkok), I invited her to do a Back to Basic Photography Workshop for me and my girlfriends. Nothing big, nothing fancy, nothing very technical, nothing too serious. Basically, just a casual gathering of friends who are equally interested in learning how to take better photos with simple, non-professional digital cameras. We all admitted that we wanted to learn to take better photos for the sake of posting nicer ones on Facebook and Instagram! 🙂

We were a small group of 9 ladies – which I say proved to be beneficial for all of us, because it gave us time to ask questions and made the whole workshop more hands-on.


After a good 30-minutes of learning the basic terms and functions of our cameras, we were all given our “practical exam”. We had to take photos of the food spread in front of us – based on what we have learned so far.

Since it was an afternoon event, I served a high-tea menu provided by one of my favorite home bakers, Carmela Villegas of Casa San Luis.

We had an assortment of savories and sweets. Photo above shows the 2 kinds of quiches she made : Kangkong Feta and Smoked Bangus and Cheese.


When it came to the practical application, every one got down to business and were seriously taking photos from many different angles!


 Our questions addressed to Mia were really basic…like, how to focus on one subject and blur the rest? What do the different buttons in our cameras mean? How do we take clearer night shots? How do we adjust settings in our camera to suit the different lighting and environment?


All the photos here were taken by yours truly with the use of Nikon D60 and Canon S100. I know I’m still far from being an expert at this, but somehow I think this workshop has helped me take better shots! 🙂


Here is a photo of my favorite dessert from Casa San Luis dubbed as the The Spoiled Mummy’s Chocolate Molten Cake.

I’ve written about this cake previously here – click the link to find out why it’s named after me! 🙂


And then we moved to the kitchen…

The kitchen had yellow lighting and a longer counter table so we had a bigger food spread here.  Because the lighting here is different, you will notice that the succeeding photos look more “yellow” compared to the previous ones that had natural lighting.

Photo above shows our light sandwiches, also made by Carmela : Herbed Cream Cheese with Cucumber Slices, Classic Pimiento and Peppered Cream Cheese with Alfalfa Sprouts.


One thing Mia kept on reminding us is to never rely on our iPhones alone to take photos — which obviously we were all guilty of doing! 🙂 She explained that iPhone photos look nice only because of the phone’s screen, but when you print them out, the photos won’t come out as crisp and clear compared to the ones that were taken by a digital camera. Also, the iPhone memory can only take so much (who knows when it will crash?) and it just doesn’t have the ability to adjust your settings and functions accordingly.


Tarte Au Citron Meringue (aka Lemon Meringue Tart)  and The Spoiled Mummy’s Chocolate Molten Cake


These Lemon and Green Tea Financiers however were the biggest surprise in our high tea menu. The lemon and green tea flavor were both very evident in these little moist and dense cakes. They were both light and tasty!


Of course, our high tea wouldn’t be complete without the tea. Carmela’s fiancee, a French man now based in Manila is the exclusive distributor of Harney and Sons Fine Teas. Currently, they supply to hotels and high-end establishments like Solaire, Raffles Fairmont, Vask, Atelier 317, among many others.


These Harney and Sons tea proved to be just the perfect pairing to all our delectable savories and sweets. We tried as many tea varieties as we could and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon chatting, taking photos, eating and of course, sharing all our photos online immediately! 🙂

To know more about Mia and her work, go to her blog at a Matter of Taste by Mia March and her photo site at

Want to hear another side of the story? Check what Dainty Mom, one of my guests said about this lovely afternoon by clicking the link here.


  1. Thank you so much TSM! I had the best time and I am so honored you had chosen me to “teach” you the basics of what I love to do best. Your photos came out great!!! You will become a good photographer in no time, just keep on practicing!!!

    I will share some photos here since I was not able to capture much…

    Great work and lets do another one, soon:-) Take care,

    1. Thank you, Mia for sharing your knowledge with us! We enjoyed the afternoon learning with you. Hope to see you soon — whether here or in Bangkok! 🙂

      1. Hi TSM! Would you know where I can buy Harney & Sons Tea and Tea Set? Are they available in the hotels/restos you mentioned?

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