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As briefly mentioned in my previous blog post, A Feature on my Daughter’s Nursery, I am humbled and grateful that the international and award-winning parenting website Glam-o-Mamas has named yours truly as their Glam-o-Mama for the month of March.

As all Mummies would say, motherhood is not a glamorous job! In fact, I would think that it’s one of the “dirtiest jobs” in the world! I am blessed (and call me biased, it’s okay) to say that I have 3 good natured children who are easy to take care of and who are simply a delight to be with! I have 2 boys – aged 9 and 5, and a girl age 2, who are adorable, precocious and most of the time, naughty — and yet never a day goes by, that they don’t make me laugh with their silly antics and varying personalities! 🙂

Of course motherhood (or parenting for that matter), is not smooth sailing all the time.  There have been and there will always be obstacles, difficulties and challenges along the way; but so far, there was nothing too big or insurmountable for us to overcome…and of course we have the best Father up there to thank for that.

If you ask me, it’s really my children who spoil their Mummy, and not the other way around! They make my job easier because they are sensitive and responsible little people, even at such a tender age. I feel extremely blessed that they help me cope with the rigorous demands of this so-called 24hour/7days a week, no salary, no day-off kind of job called motherhood! If not for their understanding, patience and love, I would be a complete failure.

I love my children more than I can ever explain. And I can never thank Him enough for creating them and most especially, for entrusting them under my care. My fervent wish is that I raise them in the best possible way until they are mature enough and ready to set off in the world on their own, and that they excel at whatever field they choose to have while at the same time maintain their good values intact. I am humbled and yet at the same time proud, that I have this kind of job and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So without much further ado, here’s my very candid interview with Glam-o-Mamas: The Sweet Life of Grace Barbers – Baja


Once again, thank you, Glam-o-Mamas, for including yours truly in your roster of mothers who are not only glamorous and successful — but also and more importantly, beautiful from the inside.


  1. i notice that your blog takes ages to load lately 🙂

    it’s likely due to your web server provider, or the amount of images in the blog, but i’m not really sure, it’s just a niggling concern/observation 🙂

    regardless, i enjoy living vicariously through your beautiful blog entries. many thanks for that 🙂

    1. Thanks for your feedback! There are days that my web provider is really slow… 🙁 But am doing everything I can to fix that! Many thanks for dropping by!

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