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Just like any woman out there, I have my own list of basic beauty products. These are my tried and tested that I have come to love because I have been using them for quite some time.

I am a busy mother of 3 juggling a lot of other things, and just like most of you, I barely have time to do a complicated beauty routine day in and day out. We know what we all need are really just the basics – to help us look good and feel good.

First things first, I’m no beauty expert…but I am a skincare and makeup junkie. 🙂  I love trying out beauty products, makeup, or anything new in the market — especially the ones that come in bright, pretty packaging! I do trial and error with most of them and in my experience, I’ve learned that not because a product is imported, expensive or nicely packaged, it’s good for you. In fact most of the time, it’s the affordable brands found in supermarkets and health or beauty stores that I find more effective.

So upon prodding of some friends and suggestions from readers of the blog, I am sharing with you some of my favorite and basic beauty products :



There are a multitude of soap brands out there, but to me, nothing beats the moisturizing quality of Dove! I’ve been using this brand since I was 12 years old when I was diagnosed with Dermatitis by my pediatrician. She was the one who suggested that I change my body soap to Dove (and I thought I was already using the mildest baby soap then) — and ever since, my extreme dry skin has not recurred!

 I also bring this soap with me whenever I travel, since based from my experience, hotel bar soaps can really be drying. The best part about this soap is that they now come in many different scents and are very affordable! I get my stash from supermarkets and S&R.



This is as simple and as basic as it can get. I use the VMV Cleansing Milk in the mornings and the VMV Cleansing Scrub at night. What I love about VMV is that all their products are fragrance free, chemical free, allergen free and paraben free. They are locally produced, proudly Philippine made and are now being sold all over the world. This type of cleansing milk and scrub comes with moisturizing quality too. So in my case, it eliminates the need to use another product – a facial moisturizer after cleansing. (I feel that facial moisturizers just clog my pores and make my skin oily). These are available in all VMV stores nationwide.



I‘ve been using this cleansing oil from the Japanese brand Shu Uemura for about 10 years now and it has been the most effective in removing all traces of dirt and makeup on my skin. Even though it’s oil, it’s actually very light and non-greasy, so I don’t mind putting it all over my face. The Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil is the only makeup remover that I trust in terms of getting rid of the smallest particles of pollutants and chemicals on my face. The cute packaging is just a bonus. You can get this from any Shu Uemura makeup stores.



One thing about me is that I don’t like moisturizing my face but I love “over-moisturizing” my body! I am a big body lotion user! 🙂  I don’t mind getting that sticky feeling all over my body but I do mind having oily skin on my face. This means, I need to find a brand that’s not so expensive (because I use a lot of it!), that’s easily available and that will last me for a long time. I’ve tried several brands of body lotions out there, but what I like best is Nivea’s Firming Body Lotion, because it’s not too thick and is just lightly scented.

 I started using this from the time I gave birth to my first, which is about 9 years ago. (And ladies, we all know what happens to our skin after giving birth right?) So something that has CoQ10 or that firming quality is the one we should always look out for. This Firming Lotion has helped in bringing back my skin’s elasticity and strength. (Although of course I have to face reality that my skin will never be the same again 🙁 )

Nivea is sold in supermarkets and in health or beauty stores.





The Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil is the only pure 100% Jojoba Oil I know that is available here locally. Although this can be used to moisturize hair, scalp and skin (yes, it’s all around), I use this only for my hair. I have very thick, wavy and unruly hair so applying a little bit of this oil from the middle part to the tip keeps my hair tame and in place. This is available in Healthy Options.

Heliocare Spf 90 is one thing I can’t live without. This is my daily facial sunblock and I believe that the higher the spf, the higher the protection, the better for my skin. I try to avoid harsh sun exposure (especially at its peak from 10am to 2pm) because I know how the sun can damage our skin badly. (I’m afraid of skin cancer too.) So I apply this after cleansing my face and before I put on my makeup. This is the only sunblock brand I’ve tried that hasn’t caused my skin to break out.  I first discovered Heliocare many years ago from my dermatologist, Dr. Sylvia Huang (I know most derma clinics have this too). I get mine now from the supplier, Hannah See (0917-5250419).

Carmex Lip Balm is my favorite lipbalm of all. It’s simple, easy to use and just glides on smoothly. I like that it has only a slight and not overpowering minty feel to it. This is available in supermarkets and health or beauty stores.


La Prairie’s Cellular Eye Contour Cream

Last but not the least amongst my favorite basic beauty products, is La Prairie’s Cellular Eye Contour Cream. This is one tried and tested product! I’ve been using this since I was in my 20’s, when my “ultra-cool” Mummy introduced me to this brand. Back then since I was still a college student and couldn’t afford to buy my own, she would give me the sample sizes she received from the counter whenever she would buy her stock.

They say the eyes are usually the first thing people notice about a person – because they tell a story. People can tell if you’re tired or stressed or worried just by looking at your eyes. So even though eye cream is more expensive compared to all the other beauty products we use on our face, this is one step in our beauty regimen that we shouldn’t skip. I know most of us tend to overlook our eyes, thinking that what we use on our face, can also be used around the eyes. I learned that they are actually 2 different parts with 2 very different needs! The skin around our eyes are the thinnest and the most delicate, and therefore this is the part that shows signs of aging and stress easily. Eyebags, fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, sagging and dark skin : these are the things that we don’t want around our eyes and therefore early prevention and proper care are really important.

The good news is that there are so many brands of eye cream out in the market today. You can try as many as you want, and find which is the most effective for you. Once you find the right one, stick to it. You will soon notice the changes through time.

In my case, when I discovered the benefits of using La Prairie eye cream, I haven’t stopped since. I’ve noticed that the dryness and flakiness around my eyes have diminished and my eye bags are not as dark as it used to be. So if there’s really just one product that I have to have in my beauty arsenal? It’s my eye cream.

Share with me, what are your favorite basic beauty products?


  1. Have you heard of Bioderma Sensibo? Been using it for a month now and I’m so scared for it to run out. Haven’t compared it with shu uemura cleansing oil on how it removes eye makeup, but it feels fresh on skin. You can check Lisa Eldridge’s blog to see how she uses it.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Ms. Grace! I have question though, what could you suggest the best body sunblock? Is it Heliocare as well? Thank you!

    1. Hi carla! For body, I use VMV Armada sport SPF 70. I only use body sunblock though whenever I go to the beach…otherwise I don’t use one. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 I hope you could post more beauty products you use. I tried Shu Eumura cleansing oil and loved it but I find it rather expensive. I read that The Face Shop also has a good line of cleaning oils which are affordable so I’m considering to get this next time.

    1. I agree with you, Shu Uemura cleansing oil can be quite expensive…and I really try my best to save my supply! Or if I know of friends who will go to HK, I ask them to buy for me since it’s a whole lot cheaper there 🙂 I haven’t tried Face Shop, but what I’ve tried so far and I think is good is Celeteque’s Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleansing Oil. Not only does it remove makeup but it’s anti-aging too. And because it’s a local brand, it’s definitely cheaper than the imported ones. 🙂

  4. Hi Ms Grace! I loved reading your post. I love Dove too;-) Just curious to know if you still see Dr Sylvia Huang? Are her meds good? Someone recommended her to me once but I never got the chance to go. The girl told that me that her vitamin A cream is really good.


    1. Yes, I still go to Dr. Sylvia Huang and her daughter, Dr. Pam. Their meds are good! I use their clindamycin every night as my toner 🙂 I’ve tried their Vitamin A too before but it made me peel, so I stopped using it and just continued with the clindamycin. But I know, sooner than later I have to go back to her Vitamin A again because I it’s anti-aging 🙂

  5. Hi Grace! Thank you so much for always being so generous and sharing wit us your wonderful experiences and how to make our lives easier and more beautiful. May you continue to be blessed. 🙂

  6. Hi Grace! Thank you so much for always being so generous and sharing with us your wonderful experiences and how to make our lives easier and more beautiful. May you continue to be blessed. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your positive comments on the blog! Watch out for my next beauty post…coming soon this week! 🙂

  7. Hi, you mentioned Dr. Sylvia Huang, i just wanted to ask if she is a good dermatologist, heard so much good things on the internet but i wanted a testimonial from someone who is her patient. How much would it cost for the first appointment? I had attached my e-mail you can respond there if you want to. thanks!

    1. Dr Sylvia Huang and her daughter, Dr Pam Huang, have been my go-to dermatologists for many years now. They are experts! Their fees vary depending on your needs. Best to call their clinic for appointments and inquiries, tel no 7266271. Good luck!

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