A Different Weekend Brunch at Kasbah

5_scrambled eggs & Norwegian smoked salmon

I LOVE WEEKENDS! Really, who doesn’t? Weekends are the 2 days in the week that I relax, chill and just let go! Yes, this is the time when I try not to be stressed about anything and just enjoy being around the Hubby and the kids – without worrying about work and homework. And truth be told, this is also the time that I let go of my diet! 🙂

Yes I love food and I love desserts as you all know, and during the weekdays, I try my very best to limit my fat and sugar intake so when the weekend comes along, I can finally enjoy the things that I love to eat!

Since weekends are synonymous to just lazing around and indulging, I always look forward to my late brunches. Brunches have become so popular these days that you will notice a lot of our casual dining restaurants offering a “Weekend Brunch Menu” every Saturday and Sunday. So if I am not at home cooking my family’s weekend brunch fare, we go around town looking for the best brunches around the Metro.

Imagine my surprise when I heard that Kasbah, my favorite Middle Eastern slash Mediterranean restaurant is now serving Weekend Brunch! What excited me even more was when I found out that it’s not your typical kind of brunch food. It’s not the usual Eggs Benedict, Burgers and Waffles commonly seen nowadays, but it’s a unique Moroccan Brunch!

I’ve been to Kasbah a couple of times in the past – usually for dinners, and I’ve always enjoyed their food. Having Moroccan food for brunch was definitely something new and interesting to me!

And so here’s what my family had one Sunday morning :


Scrambled Eggs with Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche and Salsa Verde on Sourdough Bread


I shared this dish with my 9 year old who eats as much as I do! What I found quite appealing about this dish is the use of Salsa Verde – which is essentially chopped parsley, basil, garlic, capers and lemon mixed with extra virgin olive oil.

This Salsa Verde coupled with the Creme Fraiche on top of the Smoked Salmon definitely adds that unique touch to the Scrambled Eggs. In fact, that alone rubbed on top of the toasted Sourdough Garlic Bread is already wonderful on its own.

4_Shakshuka (The Hangover Buster)

The Shakshuka, also known in the menu as The Hangover Buster 

This is made of poached egg on spiced tomato sauce surrounded with red, green and yellow bell peppers plus some big chunks of very flavorful Lamb Sausage called Merguez.


I’ve always liked poached eggs. A poached egg shouldn’t be too soft or too runny, nor should it be overly done or doused with a lot of sauce. And this one right here, just had the right doneness to it. (See my obsession with perfectly poached eggs in this other post here.)

This dish came to me in a beautiful hot skillet with that perfectly poached organic egg on top of it appearing as its crowning glory. The first time I tasted it, I was silenced – and that’s quite rare 🙂 I savored every bite, because I wanted to taste every herb and spice, every bit and morsel of this wonderfully delicious egg and lamb dish. The varying mixture of tastes from the flavor-packed lamb sausages, to the sourness and sweetness of the tomatoes, to the spiciness of the bell peppers really just exploded in my mouth!


This was how I devoured it…I used the crusty Sourdough garlic bread served on the side to scoop all the ingredients in one go.


The end result.

(I managed to leave a tiny piece of bread to make myself feel a bit better that I didn’t ingest too much carbs!)


Cinnamon Pikelets (Mini Pancakes) in Orange Blossom Water with Homemade Strawberry Jam, Cream and Agave Syrup

This was the weekend after all and therefore I allowed myself to indulge a little bit more. 🙂

Since I had more space left (u-huh), I ordered another dish. Their Cinnamon Pikelets, is their version of Pancakes and they come in 3 small sizes. The Moroccan twist to it is that it’s made not just with the usual flour, eggs and milk batter – but there is the addition of Cinnamon and Orange Blossom Water in the mix.

 I was more than pleasantly surprised with this one. The Pancakes were cooked right (not tough nor chewy, not bland nor dry and definitely not too thick nor too thin) and had the right amount of cinnamon spice and orange sweetness to it.

What even made this better is the addition of my favorite fruit on top – their Homemade Strawberry Jam.


The Cinnamon Pikelets can be ordered as your main dish or if you prefer, as your dessert. In my case though, I ordered it as my second main! 🙂



Now on to my dessert…more space left!

The Moroccan Mint Tea is the best pairing to this Baklava, which is a typical Mediterranean dessert pastry. The tea is basically made up of Chinese gunpowder tea leaves, mint and syrup. This is a little bit sweeter than the usual tea we’re accustomed to, but nevertheless, I liked its unique taste.


The Baklava is really not part of the Weekend Brunch Menu, but since I’ve had this here before, I managed to ask if this is available even on the weekends. And thankfully, it is!

I’ve tasted a couple of Baklavas from other Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurants before, but what I can say is, this is the BEST BAKLAVA I’ve ever had in Manila! This is as thick as it can get, so you can tell that they are not scrimping on the ingredients. It is made up of not just one, but 3 kinds of chopped nuts : Walnuts, Almonds and Pistachios. And on top of it is a slight drizzle of Rosewater Honey.


 The phyllo pastry that wraps around this Baklava is crispy thin and flaky. What you are eating is actually the delicious filling – a good mixture of nuts and not just the pastry shell that surrounds it.

This dessert, which was neither too heavy nor too light, coupled with the Moroccan Mint Tea served as the perfect ending to our unique kind Moroccan brunch meal.


Kasbah is definitely one of those few restaurants I can go back to again and again. I’ve always loved their flavorful dishes from their regular menu and now with their different kind of Weekend Brunch, I have another reason to go back.

Wishing you all have a good, happy and relaxing weekend!!

Kasbah – Ground Floor The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City

Weekend Brunch is only served every Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm.

Tel no. (02) 553 44 99

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