The Spoiled Mummy’s Valentine Give Away!!!

As I have talked about in my previous post, Sinfully Circles : Sinful But Heavenly (click on the link), Sinfully Circles by Makati Shangri-la is my piece of heaven on earth. So in this season of love, I am turning the tables around and this time, I want to spoil you (yes you!), my dear readers who have shown love to me and who have constantly supported me from the very beginning! 🙂 This Valentine’s Day, I am giving away 2 of my favorite desserts from my favorite patisserie, Sinfully Circles! 🙂

Gift no. 1 : A box of Chocolates called Casanova.

This is Makati Shangri-la’s newest line of Chocolates made especially for this Valentine season. This box contains 8 pieces of the most exquisite and exotic Chocolates from Peru, Belgium and Venezuela!

Here are the 4 carefully selected, most premium kinds of heavenly Chocolates inside the Casanova box :

Giacomo – A well-balanced praline with the acidity of blood orange and roasted fennel, infused in a rich 64% Peruvian dark chocolate.

Francesca – Sweet cherry puree blended and cooked with star anise, accompanied with vanilla belcolade, white intense couverture with gianduja crunch filling, and enrobed with dark rich couverture chocolate.

Andrea – Smooth strawberry jelly with vanilla filling and a velvet refreshing mint ganache, encased in Belgian dark chocolate.

Giovanni – Refreshing raspberry jelly with the flavor of vanilla caramel hazelnut, Venezuelan belcolade ganache, and encased in 64% Peruvian dark.

You all know how much The Spoiled Mummy loves deep and dark Chocolates right? And these ones I am giving away are definitely the best ones I’ve tried so far!! 🙂

Gift no. 2 : Pretty in Pink Valentine Cake

This is also one of Makati Shangri-la’s newest cake creations and made especially for this season of love! It is made up of a creamy raspberry cheesecake with a vanilla sponge base filled with red wine jelly and crispy feullintine, topped with fresh strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. If that sounds good… wait till you try it! This is truly one decadent and rich cake and one that will surely make you fall in love all over again! 🙂

So what are the rules? The rules are very basic, simple and easy to follow :

1. Ask 5 of your friends to click LIKE on The Spoiled Mummy’s facebook page! Link is here: The Spoiled Mummy Facebook Page

2. Choose your preferred gift from The Spoiled Mummy : Is it gift no. 1 – Casanova Chocolates or gift no.2 – Pretty in Pink Valentine Cake??

3. After your friends have clicked LIKE and after you’ve chosen your preferred gift, it’s time to send me a private message through the blog’s facebook page (as mentioned above), and these are the things I want to see in your message :

a.) The names of your 5 friends who have clicked LIKE on my facebook page


  b.) ONE GOOD REASON why you think you deserve to get that Valentine gift from The Spoiled Mummy! 🙂

(That’s it! Make your answers as creative, unique and as interesting as possible!)

4. It’s that easy! Now, wait for my announcement on my Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter on Feb 13 morning, as to who won my heart with his or her answer!

(Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at this address : @thespoiledmummy)

In this contest, do remember the following :

1. Because there are 2 gifts to be given away, I will be choosing 1 best answer from the person who likes the Casanova Chocolates and another best answer from the one who chooses the Pretty in Pink Valentine Cake.

2. Contest is limited to readers 18 years old and above residing in Metro Manila only.

3. Depending on your location / address : prizes will be ready for delivery or pick-up at the latest on FEB 14 BEFORE 6pm.

So, what are you waiting for? C’mon and spread the love!!! But don’t forget to have fun!

Wishing you all a happy, fun-filled and lovely Valentine’s Day!!!


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