La Petite Camille: A New Vietnamese Restaurant

In the last couple of months alone, there have been quite a number of restaurants that have opened. The Manila restaurant scene has definitely gotten bigger and busier, livelier and more exciting! People are eating out more often now than ever before, tables are getting booked days in advance, diners are willing to get into that long waiting list just to be able to try the restaurants’ new offerings.

Funny thing is, I haven’t even tried the last new ones yet and then I hear that a couple of restaurants have popped up again! Because of this scenario, I can’t help but feel like I’m running out of time here! There are so many new places to go to, new dishes to try, new things to share with all of you… and yet so little time to do all of them! This change in our dining scene just means things are getting better for most of us and that is excellent news! And for a big foodie like me, more restaurant openings also mean more reasons to eat out and more good times ahead!

Just like this Vietnamese restaurant that opened a few months ago in Greenbelt 5. La Petite Camille is a popular Vietnamese restaurant originating from San Francisco, California. This was brought to Manila by the same group who owns the restaurants Nanbantei, Super Bowl of China and the newly opened Yomenya Goemon (which I have yet to try). Being a lover of Asian food, I am always on the lookout for good Asian specialty restaurants.  So when I saw that we have a new Vietnamese place to try (and there’s not much of this kind here, except for a few hole-in-the-wall types), this was definitely a welcome change for me.

We were a group of 7 and yet we ordered so much food that was good for 12! Our excuse? We wanted to try everything in the menu to give a fair judgment to this new restaurant. Since we saw from the other tables that their servings were small, we went ahead and ordered almost one from each variety! 🙂

Pomelo Salad.

We wanted to start with something light and fresh…and I think this was a good choice.

(It’s really hard to go wrong with a simple salad like this too!)

Summer Rolls.

Prawn and vegetable filled rice wraps that were served with peanut sauce. An appetizer that had simple flavors and was good enough to share.

(How I wish there were more prawns inside though…)

Pho Combination.

A good gauge of a good Vietnamese restaurant is their Pho noodle soup. I think that if a place can serve a mean and flavorful Pho soup, that means that restaurant is good. This Pho Combination has been their best-seller from the time they opened.

This Pho had that special combination of raw and well cooked beef and tasty beef balls in it. These were combined with the flavorful, hot, steaming broth. The veggies that were mixed in with the soup provided that difference in texture and that freshness quality to it. (I’m hoping that next time I can order for extra veggies though.)

So if there’s only one dish that you have to have in this restaurant… this is the one! 🙂

Saigon Style BBQ Pork Chops.

Sweet and tasty…my kids loved this! This reminded me of our popular Filipino sweet style of Pork BBQ.

Camille Special Eggplant with Chicken, Chinese Sausage and Dried Shrimp.

I’m not one to order eggplant dishes in a restaurant, but since we ordered quite a lot of meat, we needed to add a vegetable dish to our repertoire (to feel less guilty). And I’m glad we did! This dish came out to be a pleasant surprise. The eggplant was cooked just right (not soggy) so it still had that nice crisp when you bite into it. The varying tastes of the chicken and the Chinese sausage mixed with the dried shrimp (which is similar to our bagoong) had a good balance of flavor and saltiness to it.

Camille BBQ Chicken.

This had a similar taste to the Saigon Style BBQ Pork Chops (that were mentioned above). Both were sweet, tasty and grilled BBQ style. Again, this is something Filipinos and kids would love!

(Best eaten with a whole lot of plain rice too!) 🙂

Beef Look Luck. 

This was something the Hubby and I enjoyed! These were sauteed beef tenderloin chunks cooked with white onions and black pepper. The beef used here were tender and it had a whole lot of spice and flavor to it. This dish reminded us of our Filipino-style Beef Steak Tagalog and the popular Chinese-style Black Pepper Beef rolled into one.

Dessert no. 1 : Pandan and Yellow Mung Bean.

I am a big dessert lover as you know, and so we ordered not just 1 but 3 desserts! Photo above shows their Pandan and Yellow Mung Bean cake. This was good and I liked that it came with that coconut cream on the side. I liked scooping a big spoonful of that cream (it’s like our gata) and topping the sweet sticky cake with it!

(If you ask me, this was the restaurant’s best dessert offering too.)

Dessert no. 2 : Deep Fried Ice Cream.

This was the dessert my kids enjoyed. It was made of ice cream that was rolled and covered with bread crumbs and then deep fried. A good combination of hot and cold.

(Perfect for kids and for those who don’t count calories yet!) 🙂

Dessert no.3 : Fried Banana.

We all knew how this would taste like. But still, we ordered it anyway! 🙂 It was a banana covered with flour, then fried crisp, finished with a drizzle of chocolate sauce on top. Again, my kids enjoyed this — it’s good that they’re so easy to please! 🙂

All in all, I can say that La Petite Camille is one of our better Vietnamese Restaurants out there. I’ve been to some (and I’m not going to name them here!) and most of the dishes I’ve had were either bland or of poor quality. La Petite Camille does everything fresh and uses only the good kind of meat and vegetables. This is a restaurant that gives you good value for your money. Servings are of the right size – good for 2-3 pax if sharing, prices are very reasonable and service is attentive. For a new restaurant that’s always full, that tells you something. So if you are craving for some good Asian food that are simple and uncomplicated or are really just looking for a comforting bowl of hot noodle soup (because you’re tired of the usual Ramen!), then La Petite Camille is definitely worth a try!

Of course…it didn’t end there for The Spoiled Mummy! 🙂

As someone who is known to have a special kind of sweet tooth”, the Hubby and friends know that not only do I have to end my meals with a good dessert, but I have to have an extra dose of good chocolates too — after the dessert! But not just any kind…it must be the worth-the-calories kind of dark-chocolates for me! 🙂

So after our nice and simple meal from La Petite Camille, our group walked around the mall (“to help digest our food”) and went on a hunt for some good quality chocolates! Honestly speaking, the hunt wasn’t just for me and my cravings alone anymore. My friends have admitted that whenever they are with me… they can’t help but think of eating dark chocolates too after having their desserts and even if they are so full already! 🙂


And thankfully as we were walking around, we discovered what was going to be now a part of my list of favorite Chocolate places in town :  Sinfully Circles by Makati Shangri-la.

(You know I’ve blogged about this…click the link above to see my recent post!)

La Petite Camille — tel. (02) 728-4965

Sinfully Circles – tel. (02) 729 – 6626


  1. Hmmmm, looks interesting! Have you tried ZAO in Serendra, thought that theirs was also good 🙂 By the way, I can REALLY identify with your love for dark/bitter chocolates, I want mine the same – something about it that drives me crazy, haha!

  2. Have also tried La Petite Camille & I agree with you… this restaurant gives you good value for your money. Would definitely go back here again! 🙂

  3. Hi Grace!
    Nice review! I was looking for a new place to try for tonight and you popped in my mind! 🙂 Looking forward to sample these dishes!
    Have a great weekend

    1. Thanks for checking the blog, Christine! Watch out for more restaurant reviews in the future! 🙂

  4. Great review, Grace! Try the Imperial Rolls next, I preferred it to the Spring Rolls. I liked the Saigon BBQ Pork Chops as well. Their Pho was just okay for me, but then again, I kept comparing it to this amazing pho they serve in this hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Vietnam.

    Just my two cents. Although your post made me hungry. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mira! I agree with you that the Pho in La Petite Camille may not be as good as the ones in Vietnam…but in my opinion, this is probably the closest we can get to the real one. I’ve been to a couple of other Vietnamese restos in Manila, and I think La Petite Camille can easily pass as one of the top ones with good value for money too 🙂

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