A Short (But Still Sweet) Message

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I have often been asked if I have ever eaten in a bad restaurant or eaten a bad dessert… and let me tell you, that YES, I have, and many times at that!

Just like most of you, I have been disappointed quite a number of times (both here and abroad) with how some restaurants or dessert places simply bank on their owner’s name or their chef’s popularity, their VIP friends or their celebrity endorsers. It is also sad for me to see that some home bakers and / or pastry chefs just rely on the demand of their one star product and then forget about maintaining the quality and freshness of the rest on their menu.

So this is just a short (but still sweet) message from The Spoiled Mummy to all you my dear readers out there, that even though I haven’t written about my negative experiences, they still do happen to me! As I’ve mentioned in the ABOUT page of the blog (click the link), I want to keep and maintain the positive vibes around here. You can comment or email me about your not-so-good stories, but please note that I am not the type of blogger to ruin another person’s or restaurant’s reputation just because of a bad experience or a bad dessert. Seriously? I’d rather not waste my time writing about them!

If you also notice in my previous food posts, not all that I have had the privilege of trying were praised to the highest heavens. I try my best to give a fair and honest-to-goodness description and an unbiased judgment. I may have discriminating tastes when it comes to food – desserts especially are my passion – and that’s for a good reason. I am here to give just my personal opinion, nothing more and nothing less. If you guys like what you see or read, thank you! (If not, then I suggest you stop reading this message right now. LOL.)

I also highly encourage you try the restaurants and / or the food that I feature yourselves so you can tell me if you agree or disagree with me. Taste is subjective anyway and I know that some of you may not always like what I like — and that’s fine! But so far, in the almost 7 months that I’ve been online, I’ve only been getting positive feedback from all of you about the places / food I’ve been recommending! This means… we all share the same good taste! (Don’t you agree?!) 🙂 I am really just here to suggest. This is my personal online diary. This is reflective of who I am and what I like. It’s not about another person, this is about me.

I’m sure you also know that I am not paid by anyone to write about a restaurant or product. I am not here for that. I didn’t start this blog to earn anything. I am here because I eat a lot and I talk a lot and therefore I write a lot, LOL! I am also not claiming to be a big food expert or critic, because I am definitely not. I am just a Mummy, who knows what she wants and wants to get what she wants! (Ah, spoiled!!)

So if you see me out there, please don’t be shy to say hi! (I don’t bite, unless you have a good dark chocolate on top of your head!) And if you want to ask me about food (or anything else for that matter – just not love life please), go ahead! In the past couple of months, I’ve been lucky to have met some of you – mostly by random or chance! It’s actually funny that some of you come up to me and say, “Are you The Spoiled Mummy?” and they look at my husband and say, “And so… you must be… The Hubby”?! LOL!! 🙂 I always enjoy meeting new friends, for sure!

Yes I may be spoiled (not in a bad sense, okay?) but I am neither snobbish nor selfish…(as some people are… ahem!!) And as you’ve seen in this blog, I love sharing inspiration and positivity with my foodie secrets! But if you see me and ask me about my not-so-good restaurant experiences and bad desserts? Okay fine, I’ll tell you about them. (But be prepared, because as I have said, I really talk a lot!!!)



  1. I agree. No need to waste time on the negative:) On that note, would love to have a positive lunch ( or dinner ) with you, in a venue where we can photograph what we eat and then review! Looking forward to Here (Bkk) or there , anywhere 🙂

  2. I saw you in Greenbelt 5 and wanted to say Hi but I guess you also want the privacy of shopping without the celebrity interruptions:). Love the post about your dream cake cause I love strawberries and chocolate too though I’m not passionate about cheesecake, but all together… It looks so yummy, definitely worth a try. Keep on writing!

      1. Spoiled Mummy is one of the nicest (not to mention gorgeous) people out there, not snobbish or snooty at all. Just makes us wonder sometimes: where does all the peanut butter, dark chocolate, cheesecake and every conceivably shared dessert shared go? (Life’s so unfair sometimes di ba. hehe 🙂

        May your creative well never run dry, SM.


        1. Awwww…thank you, Ron and Chris! That’s one of the sweetest compliments I’ve ever received 🙂 It was great bumping into you the other day at the mall! (And I remember you were holding a box of cake too, ha ha! Another dessert fanatic!!) Hope to see you guys again soon!

          1. Guilty, haha. It was a Concord Cake from Sugarhouse Rockwell which we never touched our lips in the despedida we were off to that night.haha Will probably bump into you again. Bon weekend ahead!

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