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As I was spring cleaning my children’s bedrooms over the past couple of weeks…I realized that not only are my kids growing up too fast too soon, they are also outgrowing everything in their rooms! Their wardrobe is consistently changing as their sizes in shoes and clothes start to grow bigger and wider. Their interest in toys and books are continuously fluctuating too – from one trend and idea to another. In all honesty, I find it hard and quite challenging to keep up with my kids’ unbelievably fast growth!

But this article is not really about parenting and all that complicated stuff that go with it! 🙂

This is about my daughter’s (my youngest’s) bedroom and her Mummy trying to hold on to every bit and detail of her childhood for as long as I can…


So while I was in the thick of cleaning, fixing and re-organizing my daughter’s bedroom for the nth time, I remembered all the nice, simple moments we’ve shared in her little nook. Those quiet, bonding moments we’ve spent together while feeding, playing and sleeping were definitely irreplaceable and priceless.

As parents (c’mon admit it!), don’t you sometimes wish that our children will remain in our arms as tiny, cute and helpless, for as long as possible?? 🙂

So I am now sharing with you this short feature about my daughter’s little nursery.  The internationally known and award winning parenting website Glam-o-Mamas featured it a couple of months back…

Click the link to go to the site : ALESSI’s ALCOVE

Thank you, Glam-o-Mamas for this lovely article about my favorite corner at home. I can now always look back and remember with fondness how my little girl’s nursery looked like when she was younger!

On a side note, let this serve as my invitation to my dear readers to watch out for the site’s chosen March Glam-o-Mama! You might just know who she is! 🙂

Till then!

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