The Spoiled Mummy’s Chocolate Molten Peanut Butter Cake

Last Christmas, I wanted to give away a customized Chocolate cake to some friends and family. The Spoiled Mummy being a big chocoholic, has always been in the search for the best chocolate cake. I know there are so many cakes out there claiming to be a good one, but almost everything I’ve tried recently were just ho-hum… So when the food bazaars started popping up last December, I began my search again for that ultimate chocolate cake.

With so many bakers trying to sell their “best seller chocolate cake” in every bazaar and food fair, I did get to try a multitude of them!  From the thick, dense ones to the soft and moist ones — I think I must have tried them all! But none really fit the taste of what I was looking for in a chocolate cake. This is until I chanced upon a small booth in Rockwell’s Baker’s Dozen called Casa San Luis, manned by the owner/baker herself, Carmela.

When I saw the name Casa San Luis, I suddenly remembered that I had ordered from her before. In fact it was her best-seller, a triple Chocolate Mousse cake called “Le Grand Chocolat” (photo above) that I can still vividly recall was so chocolatey and smooth! It was one of those chocolate cakes that just hit me right on the spot! I was never into mousse but when I tried her version, I knew I had found the right one to be in love with! 🙂 And so I recommended her cake to some friends and all of them agreed with me, that this is probably the best Chocolate Mousse out there!

As the name implies, Le Grand Chocolat has 3 layers of chocolate in it : Belgian dark, milk and white.  It is then topped with generous slivers of the Pinoy classic chocolate, Chocnut.  (So what’s there not to love now???) All 3 kinds of Chocolate are neatly stacked together, layer upon layer, producing a soft but still compact Chocolate Mousse cake. The texture of this cake is amazing because the mousse can literally stand on its own (without breaking apart in crumbs) even though it is so soft and perfectly smooth on the inside!

Since she turned me into a convert and made me love Chocolate Mousse, I then asked her if she makes other chocolate cakes too. And much to my delight, she makes Chocolate Molten cakes! This of course, is another classic favorite of The Spoiled Mummy! (Really, is there anyone out there who doesn’t love melted chocolate???)

Her Chocolate Molten cake is another wonderful creation (photo above). It is made with the same top quality of dark Belgian chocolate and its center is oozing with rich melted chocolate! With another great chocolate cake in her arsenal, she proved to me that I found the right baker for my customized chocolate cake to give away for Christmas!

 After a brief discussion with Carmela of what I wanted in a Chocolate cake, we decided to still use the same recipe as her Chocolate Molten cake. But since I wanted to make it unique and more like “The Spoiled Mummy”, we changed the chocolate filling inside to a Peanut Butter center instead. Yes, I wanted my molten cake to still have that dark Belgian chocolate for its base, but I also wanted my other great love there — Peanut Butter, as its center filling! 🙂

And if you know me or have been following my blog for some time now, you probably know how much I love these two together. (See previous posts here and here detailing my love for these two!)

 To my surprise with the finished product, Carmela did not just fill the center with Peanut Butter, she also added a nice little swirl of it on top! Now, how’s that for being spoiled? 🙂

We then named this creation : The Spoiled Mummy’s Chocolate Molten Peanut Butter Cake! This Molten cake is based from a French recipe, Moelleux au Chocolat. This basically means that the rich Chocolate batter is baked at high temperature to cook the outside well while retaining the center filling smooth and runny.

Now that’s really what I call my kind of Chocolate cake!

 It is made up of exactly the things I love most. The cake base uses only 60% Belgian Dark Chocolate and inside and on top, is a generous spread of gooey Peanut Butter!

Another great thing about this cake? You can store it in an airtight container, keep in the freezer for a long time and heat only when and as needed. Just warm it up for a good 10-15 seconds in the oven and you will have the dark Chocolate melt and the Peanut Butter ooze out of the center and from on top! Warm, comforting and yummy!!!

 Another great suggestion… as with most warm or molten cakes, this is best paired with a generous scoop of Vanilla ice cream on the side! It will give you that perfect hot and cold food combo!

 Call Carmela at 0916-644-8522 or check her facebook page Casa San Luis Pastries to see her other good stuff! If you want this particular Chocolate Molten cake, just say The Spoiled Mummy’s Chocolate Molten Peanut Butter Cake… or if that’s too long to even remember or say, just say the magic words : “The Spoiled Mummy’s Cake”!

I’m sure you all had your own favorite cakes too during the holidays…

Share them with me!


  1. Dear Grace! Thank you so much for such a lovely blog post about Casa San Luis. I really enjoyed working with you and coming up with the Spoiled Mommy’s Cake!! 🙂

    1. Thanks too Carmela! I, together with all my friends and family who received it, really enjoyed it! It was HEAVENLY!!! (I kept a few more in the freezer for my future consumption too, LOL!)

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