My Birthday Breakfast and Some Desserts


This post was supposed to be a couple of months ago as my birthday fell on the last week of November… but the mad December rush happened and I got lost in the crazy flurry of the holidays and as a result, I have a lot of backlogs!  So now that it’s almost the end of January, things have settled down quite a bit from my end and I can say that I am in a calmer (read : less harassed) and better mood as well… hooray! 🙂

So this is one of those delayed posts I have but I still want to share with all of you…

For my birthday last November, I told Hubby that I want to spend it simply and quietly. No big celebration and no party for me please, this time around. This was rare and unusual as I’ve always enjoyed celebrating my birthdays with a big group of family and friends! But I wanted none of that… and I have 2 reasons for it : 1)My daughter’s 2nd birthday was coming up too — in a matter of 4 days after mine and to me, that’s actually a “more important”  family celebration  AND  2)The Hubby’s 40th birthday was happening soon as well, which was exactly 2 weeks after my daughter’s own birthday party, and that was an even bigger party to prepare for!

In short, The Spoiled Mummy was already very busy planning for 2 big parties, which will happen within 2 weeks of each other, that she just couldn’t think of adding yet another one to her already packed (read : stressed) schedule!

 So in the morning of my birthday, the Hubby decided to take me out on a date —  a breakfast date, that is! It was a weekday morning, so the big boys were in school, my 2 year old was still fast asleep,  and so it was really down to just the 2 of us who went out for a meal then. Indeed, it was a simple and quiet way to celebrate.

Photo above shows the Hubby’s surprise flowers for me. It was a surprise because when we arrived in the restaurant at so early in the morning, it was already nicely displayed on our table! I actually thought it was part of the restaurant’s decor or centerpiece, as our table was perfectly situated by the glass windows overlooking the beautifully landscaped garden. Well…I was wrong. It turned out that this tall, beautiful arrangement of flowers were actually mine for my special day! 🙂

A beautiful cup of cappuccino to start my morning right…

Amongst the 3 big meals I have in a day, breakfast is the one that I look forward to the most. I really can’t explain why, but there’s something about the first meal of the new day that excites me! I try to be quite a positive and cheerful person in the mornings (which is a challenge for most of us), so the food that I eat within the first hour upon waking up really matters to me. In short, my breakfast will make a big difference on how I will feel for the rest of the day.

So on my special day, the Hubby knowing that I am a big breakfast person, decided to give me a special breakfast treat. Because he can’t cook and obviously he can’t ask me to cook on my big day so early in the morning, he decided to take me out to one of our favorite hotel restaurants known for their good breakfast dishes : Red, in Makati Shangri-la Hotel.

Although there are so many breakfast or brunch places that have just opened recently in the metro, the Hubby was afraid of trying these new ones for fear of risking the birthday girl’s good mood for some badly cooked eggs! (And I’m telling you, there are some out there who really can’t cook an egg right!) So we decided to go instead to our tried and tested…

I’ve talked about Red previously in this blog (click on the link to see), for this was also where the family had a wonderful Christmas Dinner just a month ago. But note that this birthday breakfast happened a month before that Christmas Dinner…just goes to show that this place is really one of our favorites. 🙂

And these were what we had for Breakfast that day…

We started with a good selection of Cheese served with Thyme and Onion Marmalade, Lavender Honey and Oat Cakes.

I have always loved eating cheese in the mornings, for it reminds me so much of my childhood! So this was a good way to start my meal right.

But I only prefer the hard and mature kinds of Cheese. So all the soft cheeses, I just gave them to The Hubby 🙂

The combination of the Thyme and Onion Marmalade and the sweet Lavender Honey proved to be such a wonderful compliment to the saltiness of the Cheese.

And this was how I ate them together!

It was soooo good, I didn’t want to share with the Hubby!

My main order…

Poached Egg on Brioche, Grilled Tomato, Corned Beef with Corn, Green Baby Asparagus and Truffle Hollandaise.

 This was really good, flavorful and oh-so yummy! I am a big fan of Eggs Benedict and this was the first time I ever had poached Eggs with Corned Beef! I was so happy with the Truffle Hollandaise sauce as well – it was rich but not overpowering! (Thank God too, that the Corned Beef used here was the real kind of beef and not the ones that usually come from a can!)

The Hubby’s main order…

Egg Fritata with Chopped Beef, Potato and Veggies with Tomato Pepperonata and Feta Cheese.

This was delicious too! The Egg, the little chopped bits of Beef coupled with the Sun Dried Tomatoes and Feta Cheese were all perfectly balanced and simply complemented each other.

Then while having our breakfast date, a friend came over to give me another bouquet of beautifully arranged flowers! This was again, another pleasant surprise to The Spoiled Mummy…thank you, you know who you are! 🙂

For dinner that day, I invited only a few people at home… my mom and in-laws, my brother and his family, my nieces and nephews, and my best friend for a simple but good home cooked meal. I wasn’t really able to take photos of those dishes we cooked since they were wiped away as quickly as they were laid on the table! (Tsk, tsk, that’s my family right there!)

Good thing, I was still able to take photos of the desserts!

Because I love Strawberries, I asked my favorite pastry chef, Miko Aspiras (0927-3872703), to make a Strawberry Mille Feuille for me. This is a dessert I have always liked since I love the combination of fresh strawberries and good quality French cream. But next time I order this (and for sure I will), I will ask him to make the puff pastry crunchier and crispier in texture, the way I like my puff pastries to be!

And because I love a good Chocolate Cake…I ordered this Melt-In-Your Mouth Belgian Chocolate Cake from Blue Toque (0917 – 828-5778). But surprise, surprise, the birthday girl herself was not even able to try this cake since it was completely detonated by my guests (aka: my family) as soon as it was placed on my dessert counter! (Tsk, tsk again!!)

 Therefore, I’ll be honest and say that I cannot give my comment about this cake since I was not even able to try a piece of it! 🙁

One more thing about Blue Toque, if you can’t pick up from their place somewhere in far Manila, you will have to order your cakes through City Delivery…something I admit, I am still not comfortable with. I prefer my cakes and desserts to be picked up – hopefully somewhere around Makati – or hand delivered by the baker or his staff himself, instead of relying on another party (or motorcyle?) for delivery. I don’t really appreciate the added cost plus the risk that something might happen to my precious cake along the way! (Who knows what can happen to my cake…you get the drift, right?)

So will I order this cake again? Most definitely, since I haven’t tried it! It looks like something I will enjoy and based from my guests’ comments, it was really delicious! 🙂 But for now, I will just have to wait for that day that they have a Makati pick-up point or their own reliable delivery system.

Last but not the least, I had this NY Cheesecake to share, since this was given to me by RED for having spent my birthday morning there.

This was creamy, soft and not too sweet – perfect for the oldies in the group!

And so this was how the birthday girl spent the rest of her night…just basking in the company of her closest family and friends and simply enjoying the cutting, slicing, and serving of good food to them!

All in all, I had a very happy and memorable birthday. It was simpler and more quiet than usual, but it was surely filled with a lot of good laughs, good food, good desserts and good memories that I was able to make and share with the ones dearest to me.

One realization I had during my birthday was that even though I am a year older, I am not afraid of growing old any longer. In fact, I look forward to it now more than ever! For I surely believe and agree with what they say… “With age, comes wisdom”.

So when I blew my candles that night, I wished not for anything else but just plain, good ol’ wisdom as the years add on. Well that… and hopefully not to look too old and too fat, would surely be a welcome bonus to me! 🙂 🙂

Here’s to all of us aging gracefully then!!!


  1. I really like that idea of a breakfast birthday date. My husband’s birthday is coming up in February and I think I will do that with him as a surprise.

    1. It’s a wonderful, unexpected idea right? Enjoy!! Let me know where you end up going for that special birthday breakfast treat! 🙂

  2. Belated happy birthday spoiled mummy!look forward to your yummy posts this year.God bless you more and more=)

    1. Thank you, and yes the food was delicious! I am going back there soon…to have the same thing again! 🙂

  3. My birthday falls on the 18th of November and my daughter’s is on the 24th. There is always that choice of giving the little girl a bigger party and that always leaves me happy doing that.

  4. Don’t know what else to wish for if i have this kind of life! you’re trulu blessed with beauty, wealth, a very loving husband and happy family! 🙂 Hope you can also spoil your readers by sponsoring a give away or vacation:) wishful thinking! -.-

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