A Real Red Velvet from The Delightful Miss Joyce


A plain box of Red Velvet Cupcakes beautifully tied with a black satin bow from The Delightful Miss Joyce.

This is probably one of the simplest, most practical packaging I’ve ever seen and yet for some reason, it still stands out. Yes, even though The Spoiled Mummy loves her pinks, I also love and appreciate things that are packaged simply and still come out elegantly. But for food (and I guess for everything else in general), we all know that what we see on the outside is not as important as what we see on the inside. 🙂

The Delightful Miss Joyce’s Red Velvet Cupcakes.

As all you dessert aficionados know, Red Velvet is one of the biggest food craze nowadays. It is hugely popular that we see it almost everywhere. From bazaars to bake shops to dessert places and to everything else in between, there is always at least one red velvet product that you will see. And if that’s not enough, there are also several reincarnations of this red baby : there’s Red Velvet cake, Red Velvet cupcake, Red Velvet cheesecake, Red Velvet ice cream, Red Velvet cookie and so on and so forth!

With that being said, The Spoiled Mummy has tried a lot of Red Velvets — more than what my fingers can count! And yet honestly, none has really satisfied my craving for that real Red Velvet -y taste until… I tried The Delightful Miss Joyce’s Red Velvet Cupcakes. This home baker’s name has been going around the foodie circles for quite some time now for her Red Velvet creations. But I haven’t really had the chance to try it until recently…

If you remember, I did try her other creation first, her Strawberry Shortcake (and which I wrote about in this blog post here). I ordered this first because when I see Strawberries in any dessert list, everything else fades away! 🙂  Although I wasn’t completely happy with that cake — for I think it still needs a little bit more tweaking — her Red Velvet cupcakes more than redeemed her name. And now I know that it is true… her Red Velvets are really one of the best Manila has ever seen.

Not only does her Red Velvet cupcake look good, it tastes good too. Yes, it has that bright red color (that’s why it’s called Red Velvet) but more than that, this cupcake’s crowning glory is that big, fat and beautiful swirl of white Cream Cheese frosting on top of it.

One must know that a Red Velvet creation can only be legitimately called Red Velvet when it is topped (or frosted or mixed) with Cream Cheese. Other bakers who want to go the easy (read : cheap) route, use just any white icing for its topping. Meanwhile, some use Buttercream or White Chocolate or Whipped Cream and then call it a Red Velvet. Again, a real Red Velvet cupcake must use Cream Cheese for its frosting. Period.

Of course, using Cream Cheese is not enough to make any Red Velvet cake or cupcake good. The Cream Cheese used must be of top quality and must have the right consistency and texture. The frosting is really what can make or break your Red Velvet.

The Delightful Miss Joyce’s Red Velvet Cupcake has a generous amount of real Cream Cheese swirled on top of it that is both creamy and yet still surprisingly light. You know she’s not scrimping at all with her ingredients when you see this thick cheesy frosting lying on top of its soft, dense cake. It looks rich but one bite at this cupcake and you ‘ll know how nice and delicate her frosting is, possessing just the right amount of sweetness and sourness to it — the way I like my Red Velvet cupcake to be. Yes, I like my Cream Cheese frosting to taste like Cream Cheese and nothing else, please. I like them sweet (but not too much) and still tangy.

Of course, a cupcake cannot rely on its frosting alone. Even though the frosting is vital to the over-all taste and flavor, the cake base is also very crucial. The base of this cupcake is dense and yet moist. It is soft but you know that it can still hold the thickness and heaviness of the Cream Cheese frosting on top of it. And remember that as with most cakes, do not eat them straight from the fridge, when the base and frosting have hardened already. To get the most out of your cupcakes, it is best to eat them at room temperature, when they are perfectly soft and moist. 🙂

We all know that some cupcakes tend to go overboard with their frosting, loading it with too much sugar and butter that it overwhelms the whole cupcake with cloying sweetness. How many times have I tried cupcakes that looked so pretty on the outside with its artsy packaging and colorful frosting, and yet when I bit into it, tasted either like cardboard or hardened sugar?

After many futile attempts at looking for a good one, The Spoiled Mummy is more than happy to tell you, that yes, there is a real Red Velvet cupcake in Manila.


  1. I might want to disagree but i grew up in arkansas and red velvet cakes are frosted with buttercream and not cream cheese, red velvet is a southern dessert you might like to know that. so hey, real red velvet is ORIGINALLY paired with BUTTERCREAM

    1. Hi Sophie! Thank you for you comment. You are probably right that in Arkansas, a real Red Velvet is topped with buttercream. But Im actually talking about my experience and my preference. Based on the Red Velvets I’ve had so far here in Manila, and around the world, I prefer the Red Velvets that have cream cheese frosting on top rather than buttercream (yes, I’ve tried both kinds). And I think it’s the cream cheese frosting that separates or differentiates a Red Velvet from the usual or regular kinds of cupcakes. Ive also done my own research before writing this article and have found out from the bakers I’ve interviewed that a real Red Velvet (at least in our part of the world here) is paired with cream cheese. But of course, it is up to the baker if he/she prefers to use buttercream instead. Also for some, they mix buttercream and cream cheese to save on costs and/or to give the cupcake a longer shelf life.

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