The latest frozen dessert is here: Frozen Custard!

Last weekend as the whole family were strolling around the Powerplant Mall, we were caught by surprise to see such a long line right outside Zara! We all thought it was a big ZARA sale but as we looked closer, we were surprised to see a little booth giving away free samples of what looked like ice cream or frozen yogurt…

 But as it turns out, it’s actually not ice cream nor is it frozen yogurt! It is the latest frozen dessert craze to hit town : it is what is known as the FROZEN CUSTARD!

  Of course, when The Spoiled Mummy saw that it’s a new dessert to try and it’s for free…I couldn’t resist the urge to get my own samples for myself and the whole family! 🙂

What makes this Frozen Custard unique and special? It is similar to ice cream and frozen yogurt in terms of it being a cold dessert but other than that, it is different because it is also made with egg! So a true frozen custard has milk, cream, sugar and egg for its ingredients — which makes it a very dense dessert. In terms of texture, I would say it is similar to a soft serve ice cream. But do you know that half of the final product volume of a soft serve ice cream is actually composed of air?! Whereas with frozen custards, there is very little air whipped in! The high percentage of the quality of ingredients in a frozen custard is actually what gives it a thicker, creamier, denser and shall I say, smoother consistency than ice cream.

I was able to try all 3 new flavors  : Cheesecake, Brownie Batter and Vanilla. And The Spoiled Mummy’s favorite? The Cheesecake flavor! I can really taste the cheese in it, that’s why. And who doesn’t love a good, cheesy cheesecake? Now, imagine that mixed in with ice cream – er, rather mixed in with Frozen Custard?!  Now, that’s really YUMMY! 🙂  Meanwhile my kids loved the Brownie Batter for it’s chocolatey taste, while the Hubby preferred the Vanilla for its clean taste…So I guess to each his own, right? 🙂

This is from the same makers of FIC ice cream and Lulubelle Frozen Yogurt – which only means that if you like the quality and taste of their ice cream and yogurt, you will like this even better! They have been in the frozen dessert business for so long, so you can be assured that they have put in a lot of research and development before launching this new product. Don’t you think it’s about time too that Manila gets to try a new frozen dessert? (The Spoiled Mummy is more than happy for sure!)

I suggest you try all 3 flavors and see for yourself which one you like best. Presently, they are available in Lulubelle Powerplant Mall and Lulubelle Makati Med.

 For now, I will skip my diet (it’s the weekend anyway – hooray!) and allow myself to indulge a bit.  Happy Weekend everyone!


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