The Hubby’s Birthday: An Outdoor Affair

 As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve always loved birthdays and bringing friends together for any celebration. However, for the past years, it has always been The Spoiled Mummy’s (and the kids’) birthdays that were celebrated with parties. (See previous posts about my past two celebrations here and here.)  Since the Hubby has always been the more quiet and reserved type between the two of us, he would only request for a simple dinner with family and closest friends come his birthday. But this time around, I insisted on throwing him a bigger celebration than usual. I’ve decided that whether he likes it or not, he will have a party!!! 🙂

We had a table set up in our garden, as the slightly cool weather was good enough for an outdoor affair.

We had a total of 24 guests (12 couples) only as we prefer hosting smaller parties rather than throwing big ones. That way, the party becomes more intimate; we get to chat with everyone and guests feel more comfortable and relaxed.

 Our caterer for the night was the Japanese restaurant Kai, who took care of not just the food but the table setting as well.

Our buffet table.

Some snapshots of the food…

Different kinds of sushi.

Melt-in-your-mouth Wasabi Oyster Tempura.

The Prawn Salad. This was a winner!

Delicious Agedashi Tofu.

Yakitori in several incarnations! Salmon and Pork…

…Chicken and Shiitake Mushrooms too.

Simple but decadent Truffle Pasta. This went so well with all the meats.

The buffet also included a carving station for the Roasted Beef Belly. This turned out to be a hit among the guests, as the food was served warm and on the spot.

I like my Roasted Beef belly thinly sliced! 🙂

So divine!!!

It was placed inside a soft bun, doused in hoisin sauce and garnished with greens.

The end result…HEAVENLY!!! Worth the calories for sure! 🙂

Here comes The Spoiled Mummy’s favorite part…Desserts!

Photo above shows Kai’s special Creme Brulee in 3 flavors : Green tea, Vanilla and Chocolate. (Guess which one I liked best? :))

Roshan’s Lemon Walnut Torte, easily one of my favorites… This cake has the perfect balance between the sourness of the lemon and the sweetness of the whipped cream. Inside is a crunchy 3 layer nutty meringue. Perfect for those who like the tangy taste of lemon with just a little bit of sweetness 🙂

 Surprise Chocolate Cupcakes.  Moist on the outside and filled with caramel on the inside. Again, another delectable creation homemade by Roshan.

(See my previous posts here and here that has Roshan’s other goodies).

Here comes another perennial favorite of mine, Sweet Bella’s Strawberry Charlotte. This cake too has become a staple in almost all my gatherings as I am a BIG strawberry lover! (See my previous party here that featured this cake too).

And of course…what’s a party with friends without free flowing drinks??? 🙂

Jazz tunes from a saxophonist that put us all in a fun and vibrant mood! 🙂

In the end, despite the Hubby’s hesitation to celebrate, the party turned out to be more than a success! As some friends would attest, he is a very simple, quiet man and quite easy to please, so this birthday celebration thrown for him was something that surprised him and which truly made him happy. More than anything, I think I have accomplished much more than what I thought I could…on this night, the Hubby felt special and well-loved as he truly is! 🙂

BUT this year is actually going to be an even more special year for him…because he turns the big 4-0!!! (Shhh, don’t tell him I just revealed his age!) As early as now, The Spoiled Mummy is feeling the pressure from family and friends as to how we will celebrate his 40th birthday….and knowing my penchant for birthdays and celebrations, he already told me that he does NOT want to celebrate with a party at all! He even added, “NO SURPRISES, PLEASE!”

Now The Spoiled Mummy is thinking…do I give in to his wishes or not??

What would you do if you were in my shoes and your better half asks you not to throw him a surprise party?

Let me know what you think! This is one celebration I need as much help as I can possibly get!


  1. That’s quite a difficult decision. But since he already told you what he wants, maybe you should give in to his wishes and just ask him how he would want to celebrate this important milestone in his life.

    1. Thanks for your tip! I am considering that…but still thinking of a “small party” for him, LOL!

  2. hi, I saw your website from Swell Sweets. The chef/owner of Kai is a friend of mine and we both went to the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park NY!

    1. Kai has never failed me…great food but more importantly, great service! Chef Gilbert is a genius 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hi,
    I’m a recent visitor of your blog. I look forward to reading your interesting posts, who doesn’t want pretty things 🙂
    I am like The Hubby, my hubby is also a partyhile and simply loves celebrations. I’d rather travel! He’s already planning our 25th anniv. (years from now) but I constantly remind him that I want NO surprises and what will really make me happy is a new place to visit.
    Great blog!

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