My Birthday Brunch

I love birthdays. I love getting friends together for any occasion, actually. So when my next birthday came, I had another excuse to invite and have friends come over. 🙂

But this time around, I decided to host a very casual brunch at home and just for a few of my girlfriends. My 30th celebration the year before which I’ve posted here in my blog was quite the production, so I decided to go simpler and more low-key for this birthday.

I chose some pretty pink flowers to decorate my home. In case you haven’t noticed, pink is actually The Spoiled Mummy’s favorite color… that’s why it was the day’s predominant theme 🙂

This was a cute gesture from the Hubby… He brought home a bottle of Champagne called Frou Frou (trust me, there really is a champagne that goes by that name 🙂 ). Even though he had never heard or seen this particular Champagne before, he immediately grabbed the bottle for me since he knew that the hot pink label would be a perfect match for me and my pink-themed birthday brunch… And in fairness, it did actually taste good!

I channeled my inner Martha Stewart and came up with the table settings myself 🙂

Pink and blue plates on French linen which I bought in Vietnam a couple of years ago. This is also my favorite color combination, as you will notice – it is my blog’s color scheme… It just looks very fresh and dainty! 🙂

Since it was almost December then, I already injected some Christmas spirit into the party via these adorable, cute little angel napkin holders.

Silverware, which were all given as wedding presents from years ago

My house’s specialty : Whole wheat Linguine con Aligue with Feta cheese…it’s both good (whole wheat pasta) and bad (aligue is crab fat!) but as always, good wins in the end since it’s still one of my most popular, most requested home made dishes! 🙂

This is my kitchen, where the magic happens!

I love collecting and reading cookbooks… Do i follow them? Now that’s the question! 🙂

Here’s another revealing fact about The Spoiled Mummy… I actually love breakfast food. I look forward to my morning breakfasts everyday!  I plan them meticulously the night before! 🙂 I adore any breakfast-related dishes. From pancakes to waffles to different kinds of bread and jams to all sorts of egg dishes to Filipino staples like tapa, longganisa and sinangag...I can surely eat them anytime of the day! This is why whipping up all these Filipino breakfast dishes for my birthday brunch was truly enjoyable for me.

Here’s my homemade brunch menu for that day :

Green mango salad with Tinapa flakes (dried smoked fish).

Atsara (pickled papaya).

 Red salted egg and tomato salad

Egg pancakes with chicken and veggies

Spicy gambas with garlic flakes and spring onions

Whole-wheat linguine with aligue (crab fat), feta cheese and lemon

Grilled salmon with bell pepper salsa

Vigan Bagnet (deep fried crispy pork from the Ilocos region)

Lamb Tapa

Sinangag (garlic fried rice)

Watermelon and mint shake (to sort of wash down the calories and the guilt! :))

Full plates! I was so glad that my girlfriends enjoyed the dishes I prepared (what are girlfriends for anyway if they dont like my cooking? :))

Of course, here comes my favorite part in any meal : Desserts!

Freshly brewed tea to match the sugar high of the desserts!

A cute cake given by my personal trainer… Even he understands that a birthday is an excuse to cheat on your diet once in a while! (Notice that the cake is very small though! 🙂 )

The famous Cunanan’s Quezo de Bola Ensaymada, brought by one of my good friends. I’m sure anyone who has ever tried this will agree with me that this is the best Ensaymada EVER! I love how very light, fluffy, and cheesy they are…it’s something my family and I never tire of! I love toasting this for half a minute and then dipping chunks of them in hot, thick Spanish chocolate… really one of my favorite breakfast dishes and comfort foods of all time! 🙂

And what’s a party of The Spoiled Mummy without chocolate??

Here’s Roshan’s Good ‘Ol Fashioned Chocolate Cake, which is always a staple in my events…such good quality of chocolate that is ultra-moist and delicious!

(This was also featured here in my blog when I talked about my enduring love for chocolates.)

Last but not the least in my dessert station was Sweet Bella’s Strawberry Charlotte! This cake is also a favorite of mine as strawberries are really one of my favorite fruits! The texture inside is more like that of a crispy meringue or nutty sansrival in between layers of fresh strawberry chunks… Plus of course, I couldn’t really say no to those big, plump, red strawberries beautifully displayed on top! 🙂

I really love birthdays. I love celebrating them! I consider every birthday as a blessing for the year that has just passed and a blessing for the year ahead. Although this was simpler than the previous one, it was no less special. I was glad to have celebrated another year of my life not just with good food but more so, with great friends!


  1. Congratulations Grace! Love reading your posts! The chocolate cake looks delish where can we get that? Want to try it out when we go home for a vacation 🙂 my son loves everything chocolate so is hubby so I bet they’ll love this!

    1. Hi Anna, that chocolate cake is heaven. Roshan has a website,, and there you will see her other best-sellers. She’s really one of the best home bakers we have here!

  2. thanks for the post grace!!!! i always enjoy your birthday celebrations and impromptu lunches! remember the “chicken” of Lauro? hahahaha!!!!

    1. No doubt about it, the Cunanan ensaymada is the best out there! And yes, that special impromptu “chicken” of the Hubby is best served to foreigners only, LOL! 🙂

    1. Hi anna, I got those in Rustan’s Dept Store probably around 3 years ago…and when I was there recently, I still saw them in the home section! 🙂

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