Circles has something new every day of the week!

The Spoiled Mummy has always loved Makati Shangri-la’s Circles restaurant for their delicious and not too overwhelming buffet spread. So when I heard that they were introducing a new food promotion, I immediately grabbed the chance and went there to try it myself!

I was able to try as many as 7 delicious dishes from 7 different cuisines in one day. Yes, you read that right – all in one day! 🙂

This delicate Mediterranean eggplant appetizer had a tinge of lemon in it and then was topped with aromatic saffron threads. Very light and tasty.

Italian Porcini Ravioli with Sage and Butter. This was oh-so-good,  the butter flavor not too overwhelming and the ravioli itself was cooked al dente!

 Filipino style Blue Marlin inasal was lightly cooked with vinegar, herbs and spices. Definitely no fishy aftertaste. Just clean and refreshing.

I’ve always been partial to Indian food, so this was one of my favorites…Spicy chick-pea dip with papadum and naan bread. The raita yogurt on the side helped refresh my tastebuds too since this dish was quite spicy 🙂

 A Japanese seafood specialty. Fresh salmon sashimi style topped with Japanese cream and caviar. Rich and indulgent but oh-so-worth it!

A mix of Malay – Indonesian recipe. Braised Beef Oxtail in a mix of aromatic Nonya spices. This dish was slow cooked for a very long time…so tender, it falls off the bone easily. Fresh pineapple relish surrounded it. Definitely, my favorite amongst all the dishes! 🙂

Luscious dessert platter made up of a small cake with poached oranges inside topped with fresh tasting homemade vanilla ice cream … and then of course,  let us not forget the chocoholic in me, so if you notice, there was a teeny tiny bit of flourless chocolate cake topped with some crunchy walnuts on the side 🙂

So every night of the week from now until September 9, 2012, Circles Event Cafe will put the spotlight on one of their head chef’s particular cuisine and feature the authentic specialty dishes of their chosen chef for the day.

Here’s the schedule :

MONDAYS is Persian Delights by Chef Ghayedi. Here, they will feature a lot of  Middle Eastern / Mediterranean food in their buffet spread.

TUESDAYS  is Notte Italiana by Chef Brodini where they will highlight more regional Italian dishes.

WEDNESDAYS  is their Filipino Fiesta by Chef del Prado where they will showcase Filipino food at its best.

THURSDAYS  is their Spice Up, India! by Chef Singh where the spotlight will be on rich and spicy Indian food.

FRIDAYS is Seafood Market by Chef Hino where only the freshest seafood catch will be served.

SATURDAYS is Off the Grill by Chef Mariapin and this will be all about your favorite grills and barbecues.

SUNDAYS is Sunday Brunch by Chef Collar where your most beloved breakfast dishes will be served together with the rest of their buffet.

This is exciting news for Manila foodies out there! Most hotel buffet restaurants, offer the same thing again and again almost every day of the week. But with this ongoing event of Circles, we can go there everyday without having the same food twice! 🙂

Aside from having some unique specialty dishes everyday of the week,  if you dine now until September 9, 2012, they will give you a raffle stub and ask you to vote for your “superhero chef”. The prize will be a lunch or dinner buffet good for 20 persons executed by your chosen chef!

Now, that’s something hard to pass, don’t you think?


  1. I don’t know how you stay so slim, Grace, and still eat like you do! Reading your blog makes me want to brave the rains and rush over to Shang Makati right now!! Will definitely give it a try with John:-)
    By the way, congrats on your blog! It’s quite addicting too! So informative and a pleasurable read:-)

  2. chef maran is the best chef ever i worked with him in atlantis dubai and it was a big honor working with him i get too much experience from him thank you chef hope working with you again . charbel from lebanon

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