Hello from The Spoiled Mummy!

Welcome to The Spoiled Mummy!

Allow me to say hello to the blogosphere with a picture of one of my most favorite things in the world- CHOCOLATES! I am nothing short of being in love with chocolates especially the rich, dark, handmade and artisanal variety. So expect no shortage on the matter in blog posts to come.  Aside from these, The Spoiled Mummy will also be writing about other  food discoveries, travel experiences, mummyhood and everything else in between.  There will be nothing too heavy or too serious here; this place will provide for a light, fun, and hopefully interesting and informative read.

But before I move on…

They say that every journey, monumental or otherwise, begins with a single step forward. Mine begins with a few steps back. Before I jump into writing about the deliciously divine food that get my mouth watering at present, and all the wonderful places I am currently traveling to, and pretty much all random things of-the-moment in my life, I thought I’d first take you back to some of the most memorable travels and food experiences I’ve had thus far.

Bear with me as I reminisce, look back at life’s sweet pleasures, and take a nice, leisurely stroll down memory lane.

Hope you enjoy!

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