Inspiring Woman: Chris Daez

Chris Daez is half of the husband-wife team behind Fully Booked, handling the PR side of the business and spearheading the Fully Booked Foundation. Recently, the couple also brought New York’s famous The Halal Guys to Manila, notably being the first to open a franchise outside of the US.

Inspiring Woman: Karen Davila

For the past 22 years, Karen Davila has been appearing on our television screens and broadcasting on radio, delivering the day’s news or hosting one of her television shows. Her career has been expansive and impressive: After graduating Mass Communications from UP Diliman, she went on to pursue a career in journalism and media —… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Karen Davila

Inspiring Woman: Monica Manzano

These days, you can easily find Monica Manzano-Eleazar practicing or teaching yoga, traveling with her family, or tackling a happy mix of her passions–whether through special events or through her blog. This mum of two believes that motherhood is “yoga off the mat,” teaching her to be mindful when she’s with her children, to unplug and be… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Monica Manzano

Inspiring Woman: Marilen Montenegro

Who doesn’t love a lovely home? For Marilen Faustino-Montenegro, it’s not just a preference, it is both a passion and a purpose. This interior designer is busy creating well-designed spaces for clients and editorial work, while balancing the demands of being a homeschooling mom! Marilen’s inspired ideas and thoughts can also be found on her blog,… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Marilen Montenegro

Inspiring Woman: Hindy Weber Tantoco

Many years ago, Hindy Weber Tantoco was a fixture in the fashion industry. For ten years, she worked in Rustan’s as an in-house designer for a wide range of brands. These days, the fashion-oriented and design-loving Hindy can be found, more often than not, working and living in their family’s farm. “At 42 years old,”… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Hindy Weber Tantoco

Inspiring Woman: Vanessa Mayuga-Santos

When Vanessa Mayuga-Santos quit the corporate world, she shifted her focus on being more present to her family. But by no means did she slow down. The former MTV VJ, model , and luxury brand manager is pursuing her passions as a co-owner of the clothing line, Stella by TALA, and as one of the purveyors of… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Vanessa Mayuga-Santos

Inspiring Woman: Michelle Aventajado

It’s been nine years since Michelle Aventajado moved to Manila with her family – and she admits it hadn’t been easy. Born a New Yorker, it took a while to adjust to life in a different country and a different city, not to mention a different culture altogether. Michelle is a hands-on mom to four kids… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Michelle Aventajado

Inspiring Woman: Joey de Larrazabal-Blanco

Our latest inspiring woman is the lady behind the blog, 80 Breakfasts. Joey de Larrazabal-Blanco has been serving up stories, photos, and recipes that have whet the appetites of her followers for ten years now. As with most bloggers, Joey’s life is more than what goes on her blog. There’s work, her family, her kids.… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Joey de Larrazabal-Blanco

Inspiring Woman: Cat Juan Ledesma

Cat Juan Ledesma is a lifestyle writer, beauty journalist, print and TV commercial model, and a communications professional. Cat’s a familiar face, being a busy, public figure, but I was able to meet her up close when she attended one of The Spoiled Mummy’s events late last year, Unstyling: The Workshop. Cat takes wonderful photos that she… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Cat Juan Ledesma

Inspiring Woman: Patricia Villa

Our next Inspiring Women feature is one fancy  lady who was instrumental in the creation and relaunch of The Spoiled Mummy  site. She is  Patricia Villa  (also known as Fancy Girl  online) — a loving wife, a hands-on-mom, a work-at-home entrepreneur and a talented artist. She is the web designer and graphic artist for The Spoiled Mummy, and… Continue reading Inspiring Woman: Patricia Villa

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