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Set a Gorgeous Table with Grace Home Stoneware Plates

September 4, 2016


I have always loved collecting plates…all shapes, colors, sizes, and all kinds of them! Having a plate collection at home comes in handy because I like mixing things up a bit every now and then, or whenever the mood strikes me! For instance, my breakfast table tends to be on the brighter side as I like starting my day on a cheerful note. This explains why I have a different set of plates for this first meal of the day. At lunch meanwhile (which I usually have alone at home), I indulge my feminine side with some girly color and design. And at dinner time, when the family is complete and all together, I set out a nicer set of tableware with a neutral color (like white or grey), as this is something that everyone appreciates.

It’s such a simple gesture, but as someone who believes that little details do matter, I think that the plates you set out can help in creating that ideal mealtime situation — whether it’s a casual one at home with just your kids or a more lavish one with your friends.

When I entertain guests at home, the plates I use depend on 3 things : 1) the food — the type or the cuisine I will serve 2) the guests and 3) the occasion of the gathering. But I must say that every now and then, I still like to not follow my own rules, and simply just throw caution to the wind… so I can do as I please with these plates! So I guess, that’s really the fun part in collecting!

I also like to vary my plates on the course of the meal itself (which I am sure you do as well). Appetizers, salad, bread, desserts all come in smaller plates; while soup comes in a bowl; and the main course, of course, comes in a much larger plate than the rest of them.


Our plates are indeed a very important part of our home, whether we use them for dining or entertaining. I love how they can be so versatile — they can be mixed and matched and can be used for just about anything. Of course, plates are practical and useful but personally, I would also like to think that plates must be well-designed and aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well. This is the reason why I took my fondness for plate collecting a step further and decided to design my own stoneware plates for Grace Home. 

Why stoneware, you ask? While I collect all sorts of dinnerware, I have come to discover that ceramic stoneware is the most heavy-duty of them all. The quality is just excellent : they don’t break, crack, or chip easily. Because I am my own customer too, you can be guaranteed that these new products (like all Grace Home products) passed a high standard of tests in product design and quality.

Grace Home’s Stoneware Plates are matte-glazed and are non-porous, food grade quality, and definitely, toxin-free. They come in three collections to match your varying styles and tastes. A set consists of four pieces: dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl and bread & butter plate.

The Garden Collection

*color : sage green


The Patio Collection

*color : sapphire blue


The Lanai Collection

*color : powder blue-grey


Each Grace Home Stoneware Plate Collections are designed to match your lifestyle and preference. It is perfect to use for any part of your home — whether indoor or outdoor, for dining with the family or for entertaining your friends. With these gorgeous colors of our stoneware and their excellent quality and design, I encourage you to mix and match them and come up with your own distinct style!

Shop our limited collection Grace Home Stoneware Plates now on

Nationwide shipping available.

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