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New from Grace Home: Handmade Bohemian Glassware and Fine Porcelain Tea Sets

August 8, 2016

The latest from Grace Home is something I’ve been so excited for quite some time now! These new collections come from my love of entertaining and table styling.

Entertaining is certainly one of my passions, and inviting friends at home is one of my favorite things to do. One way I make a statement — without much of a fuss — is to focus on table settings that are easy to change with every occasion. With these in mind, I searched and found something unique and special, that I would recommend for your homes: Handmade Bohemian Glassware and Fine Porcelain Tea Sets, from the Czech Republic. No doubt, these very elegant glassware and tea sets will easily become the focus of your table setting!

Bohemian Glassware by Grace Home

This completely handmade line of glassware is the result of centuries-old tradition of Bohemian glass-making, historically produced in the areas of Bohemia and Silesia, now parts of the Czech Republic.

The Grace Home Bohemian Glassware line is born from the collaboration with a Czech artisan father and his son, who specialize in reproducing historical designs that echo ancient, medieval, and gothic forms, and decorative techniques. While our artisan would usually produce his glassware in green, the natural color of glass of the design’s era (each glassmaker has his own secret recipe for colors), this collaboration with Grace Home features a revision of designs and a variety of colors.

Each piece of glassware is produced via glassblowing, the process of inflating molten glass into a bubble with the aid of a blowpipe as a technique in making hollow vessels of all shapes and sizes. (This handmade process usually results in some bubbles and slight imperfections, which is part of the glassware’s unique charm.) This characteristic, in fact, distinguishes these items from mass-produced machine-made glass.

Grace Home’s four glassware collections:

Florence Collection

Florence Collection

The Santorini Collection

Santorini Collection

Provence Collection

Provence Collection

The Venice Collection

Venice Collection

Fine Porcelain Tea Sets by Grace Home

Aside from glassware, I find tea sets to be another thing that is quite special in any home and is reflective of the homeowner’s taste and style in entertaining. I’ve actually been collecting tea sets ever since I can remember — from when I was a little girl, playing with my dolls and pretending to be drinking tea with them, until now when I host my own (and real) tea parties with my girlfriends here at home! When I got married, I also received a lot of tea sets as gifts, most of which I use until now.

The pretty tea sets I’ve collected through time though is not just meant for “display”.  You see, I really use them every day at home, as tea drinking has become my nightly ritual. My two favorite herbal teas, peppermint and chamomile, are what you will always find in my teacup after dinner and before going to bed, as they aid in digestion and relax the tired body and mind, inducing a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to tea sets though, porcelain is my top choice of material. This is why for Grace Home, artistic luxury meets traditional craftsmanship to produce the Grace Home Fine Porcelain Tea Sets.

Every piece in this collection is made of manually spun porcelain, which is cast into forms and then glazed. This entire process is conducted entirely by hand, including the execution of decoration techniques such as hand painting, etching, cobalt painting, and precise gilding or platinizing.

These tea sets by Grace Home are made by luxury porcelain producers from the Czech Republic, who partake in a 200-year history of fine porcelain making and specialize in top quality white porcelain matter. Each is handmade and handpainted by an artisan employing traditional craftsmanship.

Grace Home has four designs for you to choose from, to match your taste precisely:

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise





New Yorker

New Yorker

These limited edition, handmade glassware and fine porcelain teasets are now available on GraceHomeManila.com.
*Shipping available. 

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