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The Ideal Gift for Graduation: Fun and Sophisticated Jewelry | The Spoiled Mummy
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The Ideal Gift for Graduation: Fun and Sophisticated Jewelry

March 7, 2016

Graduation is one of the happiest times for anyone. I remember how I felt many X years ago… but okay let’s not even go to how long ago that was! 🙂 But I do remember that feeling of joy and relief when school work (the biggest cause of my stress and pressure then) is finally done and over!

Graduation is a wonderful time, not only for the graduates, but also for the family, loved ones, and friends as well. Celebration is always in order and something extra special to mark this achievement is of course, necessary. For such an important milestone in a person’s life, your best bet as a gift would be jewelry. Jewelry can be something as simple as a pendant or as elaborate as a diamond pair of earrings.

I love jewelry myself and this has always been my go-to choice as gifts for special occasions — such as baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries and yes, graduations! Jewelry is something of value and so it is a nice gift to someone you value on an occasion that is very significant to both of you.

Since we have a few graduates in the family this March, I visited F&C Jewelry recently and picked a few pieces I like. F&C Jewelry is the biggest and one of the country’s leading and trusted retailers of jewelry. They have more than 40 outlets nationwide and are known for their premium quality, artistic craftsmanship and most importantly, reasonable price points — all worth considering when shopping for jewelry as gifts!

The pieces I liked are modern, fun and colorful; nothing uptight and too traditional. Nothing too frivolous of course — even though graduation is a step towards adulthood, it is still such a youthful and happy time!

So what are my gift suggestions for our graduates? Take a look :

TSM F&C Stackable Bangles

Open stackable bangles with multi-colored gemstones and diamonds in 14 karat gold

TSM F&C Gemstone Rings

Smoky topaz and blue topaz stacking rings in 14 karat rose; and amethyst and blue topaz stacking rings in 14 karat rose.

Diamond dangling earrings in 14 karat gold

Diamond dangling earrings in 14 karat gold

TSM F&C Multi-colored gemstones and diamond necklaces in 14 karat gold

Multi-colored gemstones and diamond necklaces in 14 karat gold


Diamond necklaces in 14 karat white and yellow gold

Don’t you think these pieces are cute and fun and yet still sophisticated? I would gladly wear these pieces myself too… and why not, so I can relive those carefree, good ‘ol happy days of my youth again! 😉

Congratulations to all our March graduates!!!


F&C Jewelry

SM Department Stores / Glorietta 4
Tel: +63 33 3351150 (Head Office)
FB: FC-Jewelry

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  • Reply Jenifer April 5, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    All the jewelry designs are pretty as I like to wear this kind of beautiful and elegant jewelries. Thank you for letting me knows about these designs.

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    I really enjoy your writing, this diamonds related article is easy to understand so help me and increase my knowledge about this, thanks for sharing with us, I wait for the next update.

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