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April 4, 2014


Ever since I found out that I was having a girl on my third pregnancy, I was immediately filled with excitement – and panic. Excitement because I have always dreamt of dressing her up in cute little outfits, pastel-colored dresses, frou-frou skirts and fancy mini versions of my own dresses! Meanwhile, I also panicked as the day of my delivery drew near since my friends have warned me that girls are more expensive to dress up than boys!

True enough, from the time this little girl of mine was born until today, I have not stopped adoring all the pretty clothes and cute accessories I see almost everywhere. I can hardly recall a time when I went inside a children’s store and ended up not buying anything for her. Girls’ dresses and accessories are just too tempting to pass up on! Meanwhile my boys’ wardrobes are just filled with the basics : shirts, jeans and shorts and that’s about it! Yes, they are very well-budgeted! 🙂

This post is for all the Spoiled Mummies out there who love shopping for fashionable dresses and accessories for their little girls. The Chichi Mary Boutique is your online guide to some of the most unique and fabulous dresses for your “mini-mes”. Their service is fast and efficient, delivering your orders between 1-2 days if you’re just within Metro Manila. (They also ship anywhere in the world.) I myself just discovered the convenience of online shopping and didn’t realize how fast and easy it would be until I tried them!

The best part about Chichi Mary Boutique? It doesn’t overwhelm you with choices. The boutique has carefully curated the stuff you see online, making it easier for you to choose. The brands that you will see here are mostly US and Europe-based and have become favorites of Hollywood celebrity moms. The designs are not commonly seen here too, which means your daughter will not end up having the same dress as her best friend or as the girl next door who went to the same birthday party as her! 🙂

Check out some of their latest Spring Summer 2014 Collection :

Imoga_VickyDress_lifestylephoto (1) copy

Imoga Vicky Dress

SophieCatalou_HandkerchiefDress (1) copy

Sophie Catalou Handkerchief Dress

Stella Cove_AllAcrossTheUniverseDress (1) copy

Stella Cove All Across The Universe Dress


Sophie Catalou Bubblegum Tulle Dress

Djaknemala Aloha Dress_atPetiteParade (1) copy

Djaknemala Aloha Dress in Black


And this is the Djaknemala Aloha Dress in Pink, worn by my little girl who says she wants to “Instagram” Mummy!

So Mummies, if you don’t have much time in your hands to shop for your little ones, but always have the time to go online (who’s guilty here?!!), then shopping at Chichi Mary Boutique may just turn out to be faster and easier for you.

As a bonus, all Spoiled Mummies who shop now till April 30, will get a 10% discount.  All you have to do is enter our promotion code : IAMASPOILEDMUMMYTOO on the “Coupon Code Box” after you click “Check Out”.

Visit their website now to shop their newest collection :


PS. I’ve written about the Inspiring Woman behind Chichi Mary Boutique — click here to read :

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  • Reply Ashley August 16, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    Pretty satisfied with Chichi Mary.
    At chichi Mary, i got all the related stuff for my kids.
    I would suggest ya’ll to at least shop once from here and surely will come there again.
    Regards from a loyal customer of chichi Mary.

    • Reply TheSpoiledMummy August 17, 2017 at 10:02 pm

      We love Chi Chi Mary too! xxx

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