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Fresh Chocolate Discovery: Petit Chocolat by Dominique | The Spoiled Mummy

Fresh Chocolate Discovery: Petit Chocolat by Dominique

April 9, 2014
Petit Chocolat - 13

Fresh and Handmade Chocolates from Petit Chocolat by Dominique

It is a given that The Spoiled Mummy loves sweet things.

Yes, I love my desserts. I can skip my meals, but not my sweet endings. And for those of you who have been reading the blog for some time now or following me on Instagram, you know how passionate I am about delicious, well-made desserts! But amongst the myriad types of desserts out there, it is CHOCOLATE that melts my heart. And when I say chocolate, it is not just any other chocolate out there – I mean the pure, unadulterated kind.

I am very picky (more like spoiled, I think) when it comes to the taste and quality of my chocolates. I can tell if a chocolate has been made for quite a long time already or has been mixed or diluted with other unnecessary ingredients or artificial flavors. I can tell if a chocolate is made of poor quality cacao beans and packed with preservatives. Meanwhile, I can also tell if a chocolate is pure, fresh and handmade.

Personally, I only love the dark kind. The darker the cocoa percentage, the better. I always say, the more bitter, the better. Dark chocolates are also the healthiest kind — containing the least amount of sugar with minimal or no milk at all. More pleasure and less guilt — now, that’s how I like my sweet endings to be!

That being said, I am always in search of the freshest and purest chocolates around…

In most of my trips abroad, I’ve been quite lucky to have tasted some really good, top quality, artisanal ones. My favorites include : the Belgian chocolates of Pierre Marcolini, the bonbons of the French pastry boutique Pierre Herme, the Swiss truffles of Sprüngli and Teuscher, and the ganache of the French chocolatier house, La Maison du Chocolat.

Since most of these chocolates are inaccessible (unless I or someone I know is travelling), I have to search high and low to get my fresh chocolate fix back here in Manila. Finally, I am happy to discover someone back home who makes serious chocolates.  Yes, real chocolates for real chocoholics like me! These chocolates are handmade by Monique Sison Enrile, the woman behind Petit Chocolat by Dominique. Her chocolates are 100% fresh and yes, 100% homemade.

Petit Chocolat - 22

Luxe Crispies Chocolat


Rice Crispies made with Mallows and Swiss Dark Chocolate and drizzled with Truffle Salt

Petit Chocolat - 23-1

Pretzel Chocolat

Crushed Pretzels with Mallows and covered in Swiss White and Dark Chocolate

Crushed Pretzels with Mallows and covered in Swiss White and Dark Chocolate

Petit Chocolat - 21

Truffle Honey and Sea Salt Petit Chocolat

Artisanal 58% Swiss Dark Chocolate with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, infused with Italian Truffle Honey and drizzled with Mediterranean Sea Salt

Artisanal 58% Swiss Dark Chocolate with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, infused with Italian Truffle Honey and drizzled with Mediterranean Sea Salt

Being a chocoholic herself,  Monique is very particular about what goes in her chocolates. She uses the most premium ingredients available. She adds only the finest olive oil, butter, truffle honey and sea salt to her chocolate. She only makes them per order to ensure their utmost freshness and quality upon delivery.

Petit Chocolat by Dominique

Visit her website at : http://dominiquepetitchocolat.tumblr.com/

Contact number : 0920-977-8505

Email :  dominique.chocolatier@gmail.com


Do you know of other local Chocolatiers around? Share them with me here and with other fellow Chocoholics! 🙂

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  • Reply Mika S. Cipriano-Licuanan April 15, 2014 at 3:39 am

    Hi Grace!

    Im drooling just reading this post. At the same time, I am itching to try these yummies..shame on me tho, trying to sacrifice my sweets for this lenten season. =) I missed reading your blog with my workload being so toxic. Glad to be able to find time for this. Looking forward to reading your previous posts. Saw your pics in Instagram and Im totally envious of your beautiful summer vacay. Have a blast with your family! Cheers=)

    • Reply TheSpoiledMummy April 22, 2014 at 7:46 am

      Hi Mika,
      Thanks for always finding time to read The Spoiled Mummy! I admire you for being able to sacrifice sweets for the Lenten Season. Someday, I hope to be able do that as well! Just need to muster all my willpower first to help me go through that. Happy Easter!

  • Reply Rafif May 21, 2014 at 6:44 am

    Hi Grace,

    I enjoyed reading your blog, you have a nice taste. Am coming to Manila for few days in 2 weeks time. I wanted to buy some baby shower inspiring items from Manila, any nice reasonably priced places I can visit? Many thanks for your guidance.

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